Wot So Funee?Hi all, Bug here. I don’t often write on the blog; I don’t often write at all – it’s not my favourite think. So when my first book came home in my folder of accomplishments from my year 1 work, Mummy was surprised to find my first book in there, complete with front cover and jacket blurb. I’ll admit it’s an epic achievement. I pulled out all the stops, avoided sticks for anΒ age (!),Β and applied myself to my writing.

Mummy was so impressed she published it. She edited it first – she so missed her rightful career, that one! Click through the slides to read my first book.

The truth about book editors:

At the end of the day, it’s simple. Editors want something that will sell. They will change whatever you write, no matter how perfect it is – secretly I think they are frustrated writers themselves. But here’s the thing: what sells is heartstring-tuggers. Emotion, and the sensation of an impending tear is what makes a book editor happy. I have a feeling all my books will be bestsellers in our house… πŸ˜‰

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