How to feel good about your sleep with TEMPUR®

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to lie on a TEMPUR® mattress? Or if a TEMPUR® pillow will really make a difference to that crick in your neck? In this post I’m going to tell you, and let you know how you can test out as many products as you like, to decide if TEMPUR® will make a difference to your life. This post contains links to TEMPUR® products. I have been paid for my time in writing the post and testing the products. Opinions and images are my own. Feeling good about sleep I don’t know about you, …

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Help with menopausal night sweats

A cooling duvet for when you can't sleep because of night sweats

Sleeping in the heat, or through the night sweats of menopause can be difficult but there are things you can do to improve your chances of getting a restful night without resorting to air conditioning. I struggle with heat regulation at night, so when hot weather hits the I take action. Here’s how I sleep in the heat.

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