Sunday Funny!It’s  time for SunFun, and we have a perfect Bug moment for you – a typical toddler conversation full of knowledge and, erm, misunderstanding:

Bug: Why are you on the iPad when I’m in the bath Daddy?
Daddy: I’m reading about the Greek financial crisis.
Bug: Is Greece poor Daddy?
Daddy: Yes, do you know any other poor countries?
Bug: Erm, China, Africa, France….?
Daddy: Well….. why do you think those countries are poor?
Bug: Erm, they’ve got not very much bath toys?
Daddy: Hmmmm, maybe not. What else don’t they have.
Bug: No flannels…..

And just to show it’s a common affliction amongst toddlers, here is what happened when my friend’s Australian Mummy went into nursery to chat to the children about her home nation. After a long spiel about kangaroos, koalas and dingos she asked if anyone had any questions. One boy raised his hand:

“Do you like yoghurt….?”

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Next week SunFun is hosted by the very funny Mammasaurus!

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