#Expressions 17: Erm…

Silly expressions

I don’t really know what to call this. Basically, I haven’t taken many photos this week, and I’ve been struggling to know what my Expressions post should be. Over breakfast this morning I confessed my dilemma, and this is what my family did. I suppose, if nothing else, it serves of proof that you don’t need an immaculate portrait shot to join in with the Expressions linky.


8 thoughts on “#Expressions 17: Erm…”

  1. Fab photos! Its great to look back on silly pictures, especially when the kids are older 🙂 have a lovely week x

  2. Yes – made it!!!

    And I suspect now I’ve committed myself to remember to join in here as often as possI will soon be telling my family to ‘pull a face’ too 😉

    Your’s are so great for helping, I expect all I’d get is ‘sullen’ in response! xx

  3. At least they’re eager to help! I’m sure the school holidays will provide plenty of opportunities for all kinds of expressions!
    Thank you for hosting Helen 🙂
    Take care

  4. That’s hilarious! It really is amazing how many ways humans can distort their faces isn’t it…in fact I think it is fascinating how many natural variations in expression one person has even in an hour let alone a day!


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