Selfish mums and free school shoes…

Have you ever been cheated by your Mum? As a parent have you ever felt guilty for putting yourself before your child? Meet my mother, who managed to turn a shopping expedition for school shoes into a trip which was ALL ABOUT HER!


School shoes from online store Jakes Shoes

Both the Bug and I are in need of new school shoes. The Bug, especially, has been out of his shoes since last half term. That’s six weeks he’s been going into school in his trainers, risking the tuts of teachers as he fails to pass muster in the uniform stakes each morning. In fact, it was only on a whim that she asked the shoe shop ladies to measure his feet at all:

He’s an 11.5, let’s just check what he’s currently wearing…. oh, a 10… oh dear…

Yeah, he’d been walking around all day in a size and a half too small for him, without even complaining. He’s nice like that. Or else he’s a mug – the slightest hint of less than a centimetre to spare in my shoes and I’m leveraging my advantage for a possible pair of something new and sparkly. You can never have enough shoes, right?

Anyway, school is finished for the year, and the shops are full of new season school shoes. Rather than battling the back to school crowds though, our Mum decided to take a look online. Jake Shoes are an independently owned footwear retailer with 2 stores in Greater Manchester and also an online store. They have loads of shoes, way more choice than the average shoe shop for school shoes, with brands like Kickers, Vans, Skechers, and the holy grail of young girls footgear, Lelli Kelly! 

So we were quite excited as we browsed our way through patent leather, sparkly clips, hi tops and velcros. I pictured myself in the smartest new t-bar style, whilst my brother coveted some very cool Dr Martens. Mummy mmm’d and oooh’d promisingly. Then, suddenly, she made her decision.

So what do you think she bought? A nice pair of stylish brogues for me? A sturdy set of Kickers for the Bug? NO! Fitflops:

Gorgeous gold Aztec FitFlops

Our mother ruthlessly ignored our delicate foot bones in favour of something sparkly and comfortable for herself. I’m calling Childline.

Disclosure: Mummy was given a pair of FitFlops in return for writing about Jake Shoes. All opinion and editorial is our own. And we still need school shoes!



9 thoughts on “Selfish mums and free school shoes…”

  1. Haha! LOVE that! I did give into the Lellli Kellys once since they were only £10 more than “other shoes” I would have bought. And the joy they brought? Wow. Worth a million ££££’s! x

    • There is such a lot of disagreement over Lelli’s Katy. I feel a bit guilty confessing that GG has had a couple of pairs, but I agree, the joy of owning them was supreme! Besides, they do make the nicest summer sandals 🙂

  2. ha ha – Love those fitflops! We put off getting school shoes sorted as long as possible – Visits to the shoe shop are quite an ordeal with the three of them and we usually measure them for crocs, wellies and school shoes so it takes forever.

    • We got ours quite early this year, because I can’t stand the queues, stress, and lack of choice when I leave it until the end of the holidays. It was a breeze doing it this week

  3. Haha love it. Well done you 😉

    As for Lelli Kellys – I may well eat my words in a couple of years time, but I vow never to buy them. They’re SO EXPENSIVE and SO GAUDY. I also really dislike that they advertise so heavily during kids’ TV, probably leading to many a mum being nagged to buy them. *fast forward two years and my child owns two pairs* 😉

    • I swore there would be one pair only as a huge treat, but she had sandals 3 years running when she was younger. I think they’re pretty 🙂


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