Pink – 365 #13


You know that time of year when the first blossom appears on trees? You get excited for Spring, but then it stalls. You try to take photographs, but there’s just not quite enough. The branches are still there, just dotted with pink. I found my first candy floss tree this week – great big cotton wool balls of pink. And just look at the sky behind. Like a bag of pink and whites. It made me happy.

SAMSUNG CSCAnd flowers! I got flowers this week, for Mother’s Day. Not from my kids – they will bounce onto my bed in a few short hours, full of excitememt for their mum’s big day. I will make the most of that. I know it won’t be long before it will be a slightly more watered-down enthusiasm that greets me. For now they relish the prospect of Mother’s day, and so do I. The hyacinth from school that I have been instructed to water, but not to look at; the whispered secrets with their dad before bed; the inevitable early start.

I can’t wait. Happy Mother’s Day all.

Thank you Next for the beautiful flowers that afforded me my best photos this week. If you haven’t voted in the MADs yet, or made your BiB’s nominations, we’d be honoured to have your support – just click on the badges.


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39 thoughts on “Pink – 365 #13”

    • This was just a simple case of bringing the aperture setting right down as low as possible to get he blurred background (and spotting those fluffy clouds behind the tree)!

  1. Gawwwwwjus! I too had some flowers from Next, they’ve been cancelling out the smell of kids πŸ˜‰

    Love how fast your photography is zooming along! x

  2. Oh… I love the pinks. I love the flowers. I love the shots.
    And…Happy Mother’s Day! (Although I’ve tried to hint over here that I’d like to celebrate it too I think I’m going to have to wait till May for US Mom day)

  3. Beautiful, I just love blossom the first big sign that spring is here. Loving the pink in the roses too. Hope you had a lovely mothers day.

  4. i love seeing the delicate pink blossom that springs up this time of year – a reminder that better weather is on the way πŸ™‚

    i hope you enjoyed your mothers day Helen

  5. Blossom is just beautiful and I too am enjoying the excitement my children have for Mother’s Day as it won’t last in the same way for long will it. Hope you had a lovely day.

  6. Gorgeous photos! My Dad is trying to teach me how to take better pics with my SLR, but I get very confused! Looks like you have it down to a fine art!

    • It’s a learning curve and now I know a bit about what I’m doing I realise quite how much is still to fix! I’m enjoying the journey though.

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous photos Helen – especially love that second one. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, sounds like you did. Heading over from #HDYGG so late linking up this week!


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