Our dream holiday, and when lying to your kids can only be a good thing…

We’re going on holiday. It’s rather cold for our annual trip to Guernsey, so I’m a bit ‘meh’ about the prospect of donning my sandals and swimsuit. Only it turns out M&D have been telling us fibs:

Right then, I’ll start packing…

20 thoughts on “Our dream holiday, and when lying to your kids can only be a good thing…”

  1. What an AWESOME video!!! Absolutely brilliant. Was hoping you’d done a bit of filming to see their faces. Bug must have gone into a spasm after being Victor and GG’s celebratory dance was excellent 🙂

  2. As soon as I started watching the video Kara grabbed the phone out of my and and she watched and watched. She made me promise that someday I will take her to Disneyland too! I said we will and the she ask:
    “Can we go tomorrow mummy?”

    • Thank you – the video of us arriving would have been awful. First we were dragging ourselves red-eyed and exhausted round the airport and second, Actually Daddy managed to pick up the wrong bag from the carousel. No-one was very happy! But I am half way through several posts on Disney (we’re back already!) so you will see more for sure!

  3. Very good! Such a brilliant video to put together, I bet they will have an awesome time and I hope Bug comes to believe in a spot of magic! I’ll have a bit to live up to at Coombe Mill after this!


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