Not so Funee…

Mummy has flu. Mummy hasn’t had flu since 1993. In 1993 she took 5 days off work and spent the whole week in bed, sipping Beechams. But Mums can’t do that, can they? Mums still have to get the washing done, get the kids to school, feed the kids, only crawling back to bed once their children’s basic needs are met.

Trouble is, when people see you coping with those minimum essentials, they tend to believe you’re not really as ill as you claim to be. Only a Mum knows that you will do whatever it takes, no matter how ill you are, to keep your children fed and cared for, to put their needs before yours, no matter how bad you feel.

Only a Mum knows.

So we are ok, and Mummy will be ok, but Wot So Funee? cannot be written here today, because life’s not so funee just now.

Thankfully, Emily from Family Four Fun has charged into the breach on a white steed, and you will find funee goings on over at hers, complete with the linky tool to link up your own #funees. Please go and link up with her, and I promise to come and read – from behind my tissues…

17 thoughts on “Not so Funee…”

  1. Linky post published and ready to go – late because this Mummy had to suffer another communion class for the sake of her children – the lengths we go to for our children is something only we understand (and I think forget when we become Grandparents but that’s another post) 😉

    Get well soon – I wish I’d made the most of being ill before having children xxx

  2. Flu is awful, go to bed and refuse to move until you feel 100%. I recommend Lucozade (My Mum felt it had magical healing properties, now can’t drink it unless I feel ill!)


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