The MADs: my winning ladies

The Bug's Winning Ladies at the MADs

By The Bug…

I don’t say much on this blog. It’s not because I don’t want to (although I am currently in veto discussions over next week’s Wot so Funee?); it’s because living with two vociferous females makes it hard to get a word in edgeways – goodness knows how Daddy feels! But after last Friday’s Mad Blog Awards, I need to have my say about the winning ladies.

The Mad Blog Awards 2013

For the last 2 years we’ve been lucky enough to attend the Mad Blog Awards ceremony. I say lucky, and I know that the ladies of the Actually Mummy gang feel incredibly privileged, but for me the limelight is somewhat more of a challenge. I’m only 6 and a little bit shy, and they drag me out in finery onto a red carpet?? That said, I do like nice threads, and I was feeling rather cool this year in my Zara boots and my River Island outfit – I mean, who doesn’t crave a black Tiger T-shirt and turn-ups?

River Island Kids

Stagefright kicked in around the time I became slightly cranky about the removal of my DS, so the vast majority of photos see me perfecting my teenaged boy expression (I’ll have it nailed by the time I’m refusing to holiday with my parents).

The Bug's Winning Ladies at the MADs 2013

This was definitely a night for winning ladies, and these two are mine. I’m told that boys can and do win MAD blog awards, so I’m planning mine *buys url for* In the meantime I salute The Future’s Rosie, and Goodbye Pert Breasts (I’m told I’ll know what that means eventually – in the meantime, any tips on how to stop girls annoying me would be handy).

Winning Ladies

Beautiful dresses from Wish Want Wear dress hire

Mummy with Emma from Crazy With Twins.
Photo courtesy of Dear Beautiful.

These 2 winning ladies were lucky enough to be loaned their designer dresses by Wish Want Wear, the dress hire agency. They supplied Mummy’s MADs dress last year, when she won, so it seemed sensible to stick with a winning concept. This year she had a last minute panic about what size she was, but they were extremely helpful and sent a beautiful alternative at the last minute. It really is a very cool way to get yourself a statement dress without the accompanying price tag. You simply post it back to them in a pre-paid box after the event.

"Good luck Mummy, we're off now"

Photos done, there was just time for a quick “Good luck Mummy!” and proceedings were underway. In truth, I was eager to be off to Inamo so that I could order 7 lemonades and 3 bowls of rice in quick succession from our interactive table while Daddy checked his twitter stream:

It’s a good job I left when I did, by all accounts, because this is what Mummy did next:

Surfing at the MADs 2013

Yes, apparently it is de rigeur to wear your onesie if you don’t win your category *sigh.*

How to stay glamorous when your dress gets too tight

This photo was taken by Downs Side Up, who is always a winner in our eyes. Other memorable winning ladies were Mammywoo, who is amazing, and we’ve always been a little bit in awe of her; Baby Budgeting, a genuinely lovely blogger, who totally deserves a trophy after 4 years of turning up to cheer someone else; and of course Jennie, who is braver than anyone we know. And we will never attend the MADs without remembering sweet Kerry and her beautiful family, having spent last year with her husband Nick, and blogging partner Emma.

Despite not winning our award this time, we had a fantastic night courtesy of Sally and Parentdish – they go to so much effort to let bloggers celebrate. Not to mention the fact that they sanction – nay, facilitate – the letting down of hair in a big way. We had an epic time getting ready in our lovely room at the Royal Garden Hotel – look away now if you’re of a sensitive disposition…

Dressing up for the MADs


* All those stunning black and white photos are by the incredibly talented Mammasaurus – thanks Annie. 

* GG and I were given our outfits by River Island, who sell really really cool kids clothes! Mummy was loaned her dress free of charge by Wish Want Wear, after spending the best part of a year window shopping on their site 🙂 If you go there today this is what you’ll see – all you winning ladies going to the MADs 2014 might want to take a look:

Wish Want Wear - hire gorgeous designer dresses at a price you can afford

I am also hugely grateful to Soda Stream, who payed for my travel to, and overnight accommodation at the awards. We reviewed their fabulous slinky new Soda Stream design recently here, and will shortly be telling you about a very cool night we had drinking their cocktail flavours!

21 thoughts on “The MADs: my winning ladies”

  1. What a wonderful post Bug, I’m really pleased you all had such a great night and your mummy looks absolutely incredible – even in the onesie! xx

  2. I so enjoyed getting to know your whole family better. What beautiful people you are.
    Oh, and tell Mummy that I took her advice and wore massive underwear that just rose up in a very embarrassing fashion!
    H x

  3. Wonderful post and love his face in the first shot he’s really studying you with slight confusion 😉
    Have a visit to Inamo on my list of things to do with the children soon xx

  4. I think you did really well Bug on a school night and I bet it was late. All the other lads would have been on their DSs I bet.

    You look amazing in the pictures – would have been great to see you in the flesh. You def did win that category in my eyes anyway. Can’t wait to see what you wear next year 🙂

  5. Dear Bug,

    You looked pretty good, as did your Mum in her frock. But the end-of-the-night onesie did rather steal the show…

    Congratulations on being a finalist AGAIN, and for joining us on the night 🙂


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