Our letters to Santa

Well it’s Christmas Eve. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve taken a sneak peek at GG and the Bug’s letters to Santa. I know I shouldn’t – I know I should wait until tomorrow to see what the big man brings for my occasionally cheeky, but mostly gorgeously good children. But I couldn’t resist. Here’s what they asked for:

GG's letter to Santa

Ok, so it could have been worse. Bit worried about the gun though… Let’s have a look at The Bug’s greatest desires (he was stropping about his writing ability so his sister stepped up and wrote for him:

The Bug's letter to Santa


Uh-oh more guns. But wait! What’s that?? A dog?????? Does anyone have Santa’s number?

Merry Christmas!


7 thoughts on “Our letters to Santa”

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the gun. My father was a hunter, so I grew up with quite a few rifles, and shotguns in the house, knowing never ever to touch them. We knew dad used them to get food for the family, there was never any waste and if they were used for fun, it was to go skeet shooting. As for the dog, a dog is a wonderful idea, though a lot of work. Our dogs have brought endless pleasure to our children, but yes, the dog poop outside does not bring pleasure to hubby.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas Helen.

    • Thank you – I have a Christmas card here waiting to send to you. Haven’t found time to find out from the post office how much to put on the stamp! Apologies for such a big delay!

  2. They’re just brilliant – I love how specific they are. I take it you haven’t got a dog! POD asked for a scooter and blue balloon so we’re covered this year I think. It’s her birthday today too though so who knows! Thankfully we’re being catered for in St Albans so can just sit, drink and be merry. Have a wonderful Christmas Helen xxx

  3. Bless them, what lovely letters. My daughter asked for a panda onesie too! A bit too late because it was after Father Christmas had done his shopping 🙁 I had to ask the MIL who always does her shopping late. Off to see her today, so keeping fingers crossed she’s got it! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


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