If you give a girl 5 minutes…. Wot So Funee?

If you give a girl 5 minutes she could:

  • Make a new potion for her “potion club” …… using bubble bath, soap, toothpaste, lipgloss, body glitter …. and nail polish
  • Clean up the sink with toilet paper….. and try to wash the evidence down the plug hole
  • Create a swimming pool for her Barbies….. and forget to switch the tap off
  • Have a paddle…
  • Try to mop up an inch deep of water on the bathroom floor….. with toilet paper
  • Admit to her mistake….. and not be able to keep a straight face

Today is Wot So Funee? but last week this anecdote was not so funny! If you have a funny post (and I know that lots of you do, ‘cos I’ve read lots this week) link it up here:

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Wot So Funee?

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2 thoughts on “If you give a girl 5 minutes…. Wot So Funee?”

  1. Oh no! Nightmare, although I remember doing similar things when little! I was washing up in the kitchen not so long since and suddenly realised it appeared to be raining indoors. It seems the bath was the perfect water slide and water had sloshed everywhere, gone under the bath and was leaking through the ceiling. The toilet roll was squashed in the radiator in an attempt to dry it and the bathmat was not cutting the cleanup! I now have a lovely brown patch in my ceiling to remind me of my children’s fun 🙂

  2. Oh dear! But, a swimming pool for Barbie is a fab idea and I wish I had thought of that when I was a girl.
    Poor you having to mop it all up after though – hope not too much damage was done x


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