Halloween 2013 – Angry Birds Pumpkin carving

Angry Birds Pumpkin

Last year it was the Sith gracing our doorstep. This year it’s an Angry Birds pumpkin! Mwahahahah!

8 thoughts on “Halloween 2013 – Angry Birds Pumpkin carving”

  1. Looks great! Carving favourite characters into pumpkins is a good idea, but I’m going to hold off from doing that for as long as possible….don’t think my kinfe-wielding skills are up to crafting the likes of Scooby Doo yet!

  2. That’s cool – bonus tween points 😀
    My 15yo son is really jealous of your Sith too – he just did a regular scary face….bet he forgets by next year and does another one!


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