Wot So Funee? “Bleurumph!” I stated, quite categorically, as Daddy blundered into my room and banged on the lights yesterday morning. Normally I would have been up at least 40 minutes earlier, pretending not to read the book I had surreptitiously stashed under my feet the night before.

Without going into distasteful detail, let’s say I was off school with a tummy bug. I languished in bed listening to 1D whilst the Bug reluctantly donned his uniform and attempted to resist the inevitable school-run. I was still drowsing and disgruntled in my bed, so I received a Powerade and a cuddle, and was left to my own devices. Once I was absolutely sure there was no danger of a late entry to my classroom I perked up a bit.

To while away the boredom while Mummy worked, I flicked through our copy of Fun Chrismas Crafts to Make and Bake, gradually ticking off all the activities I considered our family capable of achieving. I am quite generous – I fully believe we have the collective talent necessary for no fewer than 32 of the stitching, glueing and baking activities contained within these pages.

So I set about getting Mummy active, as I fully recovered from my afflictions, in time to create some fabulously crucial Christmas items:

"Christmas treats"

Job done, I then lazed on the sofa and took in a couple of Barbie films before declaring that I was hungry, but didn’t know what I could possibly manage to eat, apart from these:

"French toast"

Needless to say I’ll be going back to school today πŸ˜€

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