How to get your Mum to do Christmas craft: Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee? “Bleurumph!” I stated, quite categorically, as Daddy blundered into my room and banged on the lights yesterday morning. Normally I would have been up at least 40 minutes earlier, pretending not to read the book I had surreptitiously stashed under my feet the night before.

Without going into distasteful detail, let’s say I was off school with a tummy bug. I languished in bed listening to 1D whilst the Bug reluctantly donned his uniform and attempted to resist the inevitable school-run. I was still drowsing and disgruntled in my bed, so I received a Powerade and a cuddle, and was left to my own devices. Once I was absolutely sure there was no danger of a late entry to my classroom I perked up a bit.

To while away the boredom while Mummy worked, I flicked through our copy of Fun Chrismas Crafts to Make and Bake, gradually ticking off all the activities I considered our family capable of achieving. I am quite generous – I fully believe we have the collective talent necessary for no fewer than 32 of the stitching, glueing and baking activities contained within these pages.

So I set about getting Mummy active, as I fully recovered from my afflictions, in time to create some fabulously crucial Christmas items:

"Christmas treats"

Job done, I then lazed on the sofa and took in a couple of Barbie films before declaring that I was hungry, but didn’t know what I could possibly manage to eat, apart from these:

"French toast"

Needless to say I’ll be going back to school today 😀

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17 thoughts on “How to get your Mum to do Christmas craft: Wot So Funee?”

  1. Amazing how kids can always twist you round their little finger when they are ill! And we Mums fall for it every time! 😉

  2. This is the second time in two days I’ve seen stuff done with a star cutter. It’s such a simple idea makes such a difference. Think I’ve got one somewhere ….*wanders off..*

  3. hope you’re feeling better soon! We’ve had a crafting day today – quite impressed that my boys are doing crafts so much more independently this year. Usually it is mummy ends up doing most the craft. Hope to join in with your blog hop later as we had some ‘funees’ this week. xxx

  4. You must have been ever so poorly to only be able to manage Festive French Toast! ;o) I bet the stars made you feel much better! Happy crafting! x

  5. I am such a terrible parent! I groan when the art book comes out in anticipation of the mess and disappointment in my craft skills!! Now she is nine, my daughter happily gets herself organised and crafting. She hasn’t quite mastered the clear up operation though! x


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