Wot So Funee?Every year around this time the Bug and I receive a personal message from Santa. He sends us each a video in an email to Mummy, and it really is exciting to see what he says about us. We know he really is watching us, because he has photos of us, and knows all about our holidays. So seriously, you actually do have to be good all year, and not just in the run-up to Christmas! We also know he got our Christmas wish lists, because he knows exactly what we’ve asked for.

Now, this all happens by the magic of Christmas, but Mums and Dads, if you want to know how it works, just click on the Portable North Pole website where you can see how all the things Santa talks about in our videos are decided. Stop winking Mummy!

Of course, me and the Bug are always usually very well-behaved but every year Mummy is tempted by the option to select a “naughty child” option, so just for mischief this Christmas she gave it a go. Take a look and see how Santa deals with naughty children!

The personalised video messages are completely free, and include photos and information about us to make it really special, but you can upgrade to a video with extra features, or buy personalised merchandise from as little as £2.99. PNP will donate 5% of your purchase to a children’s hospital foundation, and you can even get 10% off merchandise by using this code: BLOG10BK

In other funee news, the Bug has had the flu this week, and has been rather cross. Last night he threw a tantrum in the bath and wanted to get out. When we asked him why he said:

This water’s too wet!

Bit unreasonable, don’t you think…?

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Disclosure: we were provided with 2 codes for a free premium upgraded video.

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