Children’s Book Week review: Why your kids will love Stranded

Stranded - the 'Survivor' book for kids - a review

A book for children ages 7+

Jeff Probst. Heart that name before? You may in fact have seen Jeff on TV – he is the Emmy award-winning host of the US version of reality game show Survivor. Jeff – a father of 2 children aged around the same as GG and the Bug – has this year published the first two of his Stranded series children’s books, and we were lucky enough to receive copies for review.

Stranded, by Jeff Probst

As a Dad of 2 children the same age as GG and the Bug, Jeff was keen to write a bout his experiences on Survivor, but in a way that appealed to children. So this fast paced adventure story was born, and continues in Stranded 2: Trial by Fire. Jeff has this to say about his books:

In a world where violence and bad language are quickly becoming the norm, this is a good, clean, adventure story about four kids in a blended family who are stranded on an island. They face many trials together that will test their bonds and their individual resolve.  Along the way, they must learn to work together in order to survive and what it means to be a family.

What I love about these books are the principles behind the story. Encouraging children to meet life’s challenges; whether it’s becoming a member of a new family, working to achieve the next level at school, or tackling a physical test with courage, willpower and teamwork. Not a technically challenging read, it still manages to satisfy our 9 year old’s thirst for a good story, with moral fibre thrown in for good measure! Here’s what GG had to say about it:

Disclosure: we were sent copies of Stranded, and Stranded 2: Trial by Fire for the purposes of this review. Stranded, by Jeff Probst is available from Amazon. 

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  1. That does sound like a great setting for book, and ideal for that age group to encourage them to think for themselves and try and work out what might happen. One for a couple of years time when my 5 year old is getting into reading to himself 🙂


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