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Hybrid BMW

I’m all about saving money and staying healthy at the moment. The cost of our life has just gone up, and that’s not something we have the slack to accommodate. I take part in a feature on local radio about money-saving tips, and I can tell you, it has really made me think hard about how every small decision adds up over time. I’ve also been flung headlong into thinking hard about my family’s health; not just where an individual issue is concerned, but the health of our whole family, and the desire to make our environment a much safer place to live in.

Recently we road tested an electric car – the Renault Zoë, and the whole family was impressed with how comfortable, convenient, and simple it was to incorporate the Go Ultra Low way of driving into our lives. It really challenged our pre-conceptions about electric vehicles, and I’m absolutely convinced my next car will be an electric one. It just makes sense to me, if it’s possible to drive without compromising my expectations of a car, to make sure that my impact on the environment is as minimal as it can be.

Jason is a die-hard BMW fan though, and I know he would find it hard to give up both the comfort and safety appeal of a bigger car, as well as the ability to cover the longer distances he does on his commutes. So the BMW Hybrid series is the perfect compromise for him. With lower petrol consumption and CO2 emissions, he’d be saving money and his conscience, without sacrificing any of the performance and comfort he likes to have in his car. BMW have this to say:

The secret lies in BMW EfficientDynamics and the combination of a highly efficient BMW TwinPower Turbo V8 engine with high-torque electric motor, which either provides extra thrust or generates electricity during braking.

What I love about the hybrids is that, whilst it’s not difficult to plan your stops around electric car charge points, should you ever need to do a bigger distance and are pushed for time, you have the option to use the traditional fuel alongside the electric power. So you can dramatically reduce your costs, and the impact you make on the environment, whilst keeping all your options open.

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by BMW hybrid cars.


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