Birthday Wishes!

Yesterday was Grandad’s birthday. We wished him a happy birthday and we sent him a balloon. I wish that helium balloons were strong enough to lift a bar of his favourite chocolate (Thornton’s, as I recall). I wish that on his birthday he could have seen the orange gerbera daisy we bought for him. I wish the balloon could have carried that flower to him so he would know we were thinking of him. I hope he received our birthday wishes floating on that shiny pillow of magic gas, straining for freedom.  We wished Grandad a happy birthday, and let go of the string, watching as our balloon gusted away, catching briefly in a tree, climbing higher until eventually it was gone. Did you get it Grandad?






This is our wish. If you want to read some lovely writing go and see what everyone else is wishing for today at Sleep is for the Weak.



11 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes!”

    • Oh you poor things – never a good time but Christmas Eve must have been awful. I think it hurts even more when there are children who miss them too, although mine have a very positive idea of Grandad, probably due to the little rituals we have x

  1. How lovely and sad at the same time! It gets easier as time goes by and how lovely that your kids got to meet their grandad. I find it hard to tell my boys about my Mum as they never met her. OK, enough as tears before lunch time not good and Ocado man due any minute so he may not know where to look!!!

    • Do you know what Niki, we chat about how they are all having a lovely time together and I think the kids have an image of them all now. Mine never met their grandpa, but they know he liked to wine and dine and entertain everyone, so we just think of them having dinner parties and eating chocolate!

  2. Aww this is beautiful. It brings a tear to my eye. I wish I’d done this for my dad on his birthday. I will next year. So sweet and I am sure he received it. xx

    • It is lovely and makes a sad day into a celebration. We were quite a spectacle in the park – parents looking sympathetic, babies looking shocked that we had let the lovely shiny balloon escape 😉


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