Wot So Funee?
Last week Wot So Funee? was brought to you by my friend C, who was missing her Mummy, and filled a whiteboard with all the good things about Mums. Meanwhile, here is what I wrote on the other side:


  1. My Mum dances. In front of my friends. To One Direction. She thinks she appeals to my friends by doing that. She doesn’t. She just looks like a weirdo.
  2. Ditto the singing. Why she can’t see my eyeroll and hear my sigh is totally beyond me.
  3. Embarrassing – see 1 & 2
  4. She is always telling me off for bossing the Bug around. Erm, helloooo?
  5. “Stop yelling!” is one of her favourite phrases. It is usually yelled up the stairs or down the garden…
  6. She hates waking up. Sometimes I have to go and get her 6 times before she finally drags herself out of bed. This summer she took so long that I have learned to make my own porridge, clear the table, load the dishwasher and assemble the tricky bits of my brother’s Lego. I have no idea why she is so happy about this!
  7. She is most definitely a grumper.

I ran out of space, but had the whiteboard allowed I would also have made it clear that Mummy makes us go to bed, won’t buy all the additional offers at Claire’s accessories, limits chocolate consumption, gives me sweets only after I have tidied my room, and kisses Daddy, all of which are vexing or embarrassing to the extreme.

I ask you, could there be a worse mother?

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