Sunday Funny!Daddy must have most of the available ‘daft-apps’ on his iPad; he is glued to it 24/7 and it goes everywhere with him (and I mean everywhere). There is even an app called Talking Poo, would you believe? But last week he discovered a free TRANSFORMERS Cyber Toy app for iPhone and iPad by Glu Games Inc; I guarantee you will want it. Check out the moves on this dude:


And here is Daddy’s painful attempt:

The app is free, but I’m pretty sure you will end up paying the nominal fee for all of Bumblebee’s mates, so you can play transform games too. Trust me, they are much simpler than the real deal – even the Bug can transform figures into vehicles on the iPad.

Disclaimer: if you download the app you will not be able to see Daddy dance, nor watch him transform into a Mini Cooper 😉


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