11.11.11 What Mummy Did: The Photo Gallery

The brilliant Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers: The Gallery  has noticed that 11.11.11 is a special date, and has suggested that we all record it with pictures of how we spent that day. Well thank you so much Tara, because 11.11.11 was the day Mummy went to Paris. Being Mummy she stressed quite a lot as they went through the tunnel on Eurostar about 11.11.11 being the kind of date terrorists might pick for a media masterpiece, but she and her 2 close friends made it to Paris and included a 2 minute silence at 11am (did you know it was 12pm in France?). I am so glad they did, because Mummy came home 3 days later filled with a remembrance of her family: of how good it is to share time with us, how much she loves us, how work (and blogging!) is important, but never more important than her people.

"Colonnes de Buren"
Colonnes de BurenThe Eiffel Tower wants to be the Faraway Tree!
"Eiffel Tower"
The Eiffel Tower wants to be the Faraway Tree!
"Place de la Concorde"
Place de la Concorde


What did you do on 11.11.11?

16 thoughts on “11.11.11 What Mummy Did: The Photo Gallery”

    • YOu were lovely as always. And you know far more about France than that other lady. Having a well-informed Napoleon fan as a husband does that for you!

  1. Wow! J’adore Paris! what were you doing there pray tell? A girlie gathering or some blogging event?
    How you finding #NaBloPoMo? Im hanging on in there, trying to schedule posts ahead of time, getting very organised… How about you?
    Speak soon Caroline xxx

  2. Wow what a lucky mummy to visit Paris – i am a little envious of her 🙂
    Glad she got there and back safe and nice to see some Parisian piccies x

  3. Ah Paris, bliss. But it is true what you say though. Sometimes you have to have moments away from your children to remind yourself why you love them so much!!

  4. Oh you lucky, lucky thing getting to spend the weekend in Paris. My all-time favourite place. Hope you stuffed yourself silly on yummy French goodies while you were there!

  5. Ooooh lucky mummy to have a weekend in Paris. Would love to go again. I ruined the whole weekend I went expecting my now-hubby to propose. He didn’t.

    Love the pictures too.

    • Ditto Bruges! I told my boyfriend at the time that someone in my team had taken his girlfriend to Bruges, proposed and then bought the engagement ring there. Boyfriend said how lovely, we should go to Bruges. Off we go, me all expectant. Row on the Eurostar on the way back because he didn’t propose. Said it hadn’t even occurred to him! Doh! He did finally propose when we both fell tipsy into a gutter on the way home one night!


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