10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Tagged by Emmys Mummy I am here today to tell you some secrets. Now I’m a sharer; there’s not much I keep to myself – if I know it, you probably know it. So I have spent lots of time in my den this morning, thinking about me. Nothing new there, me is my favourite subject. But I did come up with one or two things I may not have shared recently; after all, now is always more on my mind than yesterday or tomorrow.

1. I am a budding actress. Drama has always been my thing (some might say melodrama) and so Daddy has resigned himself to years of drama school fees so that I can throw even more effective diva-style tantrums and call it ‘rehearsing’.

2. I am an ingenious manipulator of parents. When the Bug was born I would wake up for his night feeds, take off my nappy, wee on the pillow, and tell Mummy I had had an accident. Way to divert the attention back to me!

3. I lisp.

4. I recently swallowed a marble. I am tasked with not sucking my thumb, so I tried a marble instead. Two days of sifting had Mummy allowing the thumb back in!

5. I have asthma; as a baby I was frequently hospitalised with breathing difficulties. Now I use an inhaler every day.

6. I once won a competition for dressing up as a firework on non-uniform day. Mummy doesn’t usually remember and yes, I have been that child who turns up in uniform when everyone else doesn’t. But for this one there was a prize, so Mummy got up an hour early to spray and sparkle me. There was outfit envy on the playground – and that was just the Mums!

7. Mummy and I have one girls day out in London every year. We have lunch, go to the theatre (kids go free for Kid’s Week in August), eat nothing but ice-cream for tea, and spend several hours in Hamley’s. It is the highlight of Mummy’s year.

8. M&D had to go through IVF and several miscarriages before I was born, but my conception was completely natural (more on that another time).

9. Daddy bought Mummy Cristal Champagne when I was born, and they drank it at 3am when they brought me home from hospital. When the Bug was born it was Krug, but they had learned by then – they went straight to bed and saved the champagne for New Year.

10. I am currently fighting Mummy for the writes to this blog. She ghostwrites for me, but watch this space, because my desire to write my own blog will certainly overpower her eventually.

Now I am tagging:

Chatty Baby because I know she is up for it

Mediocre Mum because I think I need to know more about her

Grenglish because I haven’t heard from her in a while

Can’t wait!

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  1. I would love to see the fireworks costume from #6, and #7 is such a wonderful way to create a lovely memory. To this very day, my vivid memories spent with my own mother was our mother-daughter day spent at movies and gouging on ice cream.


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