Wot so Funee? A promise…

Can I stay in the car while you’re in the shop? Pleeease? I really want to read my book…

I’ve debated this recently. She’s nearly 10, I was only popping in for 3 items, and the car park wasn’t busy. I let the idea waft through my over-nervy parenting psyche, and said what I always say. No. That will only happen when I’m ready to spend 5 minutes knowing she is alone, without tearing my way through the checkout queue with the demeanour of a rabid dog. And in case you’re reading Actually Daddy, that time has not come, so I’m trusting you not to mess with my rules, ok?

Oh but Muuuum, I’m at a really good bit! And I’ve got £6.38 in my money box so I could buy you a bottle of wine if you let me…

Ahh the art of negotiation. She’s totally learning the tricks of her trade, and mine. She still loves me. I know, because she tells me so, effusively, when I’ve done something that she appreciates. She needed 24 banana cupcakes with yellow icing for her school fair. In two days time. I engineered it so that it could be a reality.

Thanks Mum. You’re the most awesome mum ever, honestly, you’re so brilliant.

I thanked her, and advised her that when she is a teenager she would not think this. She begged to differ, so I described my own teenaged attitude to my parents. She just grinned:

I will Mum, I will love you, and I will think you’re awesome. So I apologise in advance if it doesn’t look like it when the time comes…

I’m totally showing her this post in, oooh – about three and a half year’s time.

Huge thanks to Emma, Donna, and Nikki for hosting over the last 3 weeks. Now, if you have a funny post about something your children have said or done, add it to the linky below and we’ll come over to visit! Go and visit some of your fellow linkers too, so see what their families have been laughing at this week.

18 thoughts on “Wot so Funee? A promise…”

  1. How lovely! We need to make the most of these things while we still can. In my limited experience (of two) boys don’t say these things, so I’m very glad to have my daughter who loves Daddy and me so much that she’s going to live with us forever. And if only she stayed as adorable as she is now, we’d be very happy to keep her!

  2. Call me cynical but I’m with you about leaving children in cars. We could list lots of ‘what if’ scenarios where it all went wrong.

  3. I love the promise, definitely one to show her when she’s in the throws of ‘I hate you, you’re so embarrassing’ teen angst!

  4. My oldest only asks to be left in the car so that she can set the car alarm off and watch me having to dump the shopping and run out of the shop (the key is just very slightly out of range). I tell you, experience that a dozen times and the sight of her smug face and that’s the last time you leave them in the car!

  5. Haha yes you should totally remind her of this! I love that she tried to negotiate with wine haha that made me giggle. 😀

  6. Its always hard knowing when is the right time to leave them home alone, in car alone, let them walk to shop or park on their own etc. And each child is so different that its never a case of one size fits all. I LOVE that she offered you wine! My 2 year old did something similar just yesterday – I needed a photo of her for a future blog post and she has learnt from past experience that if i need her to pose specifically for a photo she gets rewarded with a sweet. So I took the photo (I hadn’t told her i needed the photo i just tried to make out it was a routine photo) then we came in from the garden and she says ‘sweets now’. I couldn’t believe my ears! But I guess I brought it on myself really. So need to start linking up again with Wot so Funee. I just keep running out of time each week. x

  7. What a great post! You should definitely show her this when she grows up. I love how she offered to buy you a bottle of wine ha ha. 😉 xx

  8. Ahhh this is so beautiful. I bet it just melted your heart to hear all that. So sweet. I can’t wait until my two are older and what they will be like and say. She sounds like so much fun too. Definitely show keep this and show her when she is older. Love it. Thanks for hosting lovely.


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