Can I stay in the car while you’re in the shop? Pleeease? I really want to read my book…

I’ve debated this recently. She’s nearly 10, I was only popping in for 3 items, and the car park wasn’t busy. I let the idea waft through my over-nervy parenting psyche, and said what I always say. No. That will only happen when I’m ready to spend 5 minutes knowing she is alone, without tearing my way through the checkout queue with the demeanour of a rabid dog. And in case you’re reading Actually Daddy, that time has not come, so I’m trusting you not to mess with my rules, ok?

Oh but Muuuum, I’m at a really good bit! And I’ve got ยฃ6.38 in my money box so I could buy you a bottle of wine if you let me…

Ahh the art of negotiation. She’s totally learning the tricks of her trade, and mine. She still loves me. I know, because she tells me so, effusively, when I’ve done something that she appreciates. She needed 24 banana cupcakes with yellow icing for her school fair. In two days time. I engineered it so that it could be a reality.

Thanks Mum. You’re the most awesome mum ever, honestly, you’re so brilliant.

I thanked her, and advised her that when she is a teenagerย she would not think this. She begged to differ, so I described my own teenaged attitude to my parents. She just grinned:

I will Mum, I will love you, and I will think you’re awesome. So I apologise in advance if it doesn’t look like it when the time comes…

I’m totally showing her this post in, oooh – about three and a half year’s time.

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