My best photo this week drew a lot of views and comments on Facebook. Like a lot of people we have taken full advantage of the snowy weather, throwing it, shaping it, lying in it, and sliding on it. We all went out for some fun, including our pets. But sadly we were having far too much fun to focus on our responsibilities. As we piled back indoors with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes to burn our throats on steaming mugs of chocolate, we failed to notice that one of our party got left behind, forgotten, outside in the snow. As our laughter steamed up the windows and we remarked on the -5°C on the thermometer, he must have shivered, wondering when we would remember…

snow mouse

We rushed to check on him in the morning, but it was too late:

"when pets die"

On a serious note, when the weather gets so cold that we grumble our way home from school, the first thing we talk about are the people for whom there is no hot chocolate, no centrally-heated home, no hot bubble bath, and no all-season duvet to snuggle under on a freezing night. Nickie’s post about homelessness this week struck a chord, so now’s a good time to spare a thought for those left out in the cold. And look after your pets too…

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