When a pet dies… 3:52

My best photo this week drew a lot of views and comments on Facebook. Like a lot of people we have taken full advantage of the snowy weather, throwing it, shaping it, lying in it, and sliding on it. We all went out for some fun, including our pets. But sadly we were having far too much fun to focus on our responsibilities. As we piled back indoors with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes to burn our throats on steaming mugs of chocolate, we failed to notice that one of our party got left behind, forgotten, outside in the snow. As our laughter steamed up the windows and we remarked on the -5°C on the thermometer, he must have shivered, wondering when we would remember…

snow mouse

We rushed to check on him in the morning, but it was too late:

"when pets die"

On a serious note, when the weather gets so cold that we grumble our way home from school, the first thing we talk about are the people for whom there is no hot chocolate, no centrally-heated home, no hot bubble bath, and no all-season duvet to snuggle under on a freezing night. Nickie’s post about homelessness this week struck a chord, so now’s a good time to spare a thought for those left out in the cold. And look after your pets too…

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  1. Oh dear! I fear our snowman will look like that when the snow melts. I’ll need to go and retrieve my grandmother’s button collection then.

  2. I only had to read this one entry to know that I was going to like your blog.

    I will be thinking of Fluffy for a long time to come now <3

    🙂 I think that's a very good thing that you're doing, for both the homeless and in rememberence of Fluffy xxx Thanks for sharing that link!

    Have you read the book A Streetcat Called Bob? The writer is a homeless man, and has featured on ITV and is a star on youtube for his famous cat Bob, who won the hearts of many when he was trying to feed himself and get himself off drugs, and who he says 'saved his life.'

  3. Excellent message and well done you on the volunteering. I used to volunteer in a homeless hostel, I’d be interested to know how you get on.

  4. hee hee you are funny! i am sorry that your pet slipped away in the night! and well done for helping out in the homeless shelter – i can imagine it was very humbling x

  5. What a great post. I hope Fluffy’s in some beautiful place in the sky, along with the Snowman and Aled Jones. And I hope you have a good experience at the hostel…..I did something similar pre-children, and it taught me a lot.

  6. The last thing I need to look at is another mouse! Hope it went well at the Hostel. Good work girls!

  7. You got me all concerned then! Poor Fluffy, sounds like he had a good life though.

    It is a very serious issue and one many tend to forget about, simply because it is too painful to think that anyone could survive in these weather conditions.

    CJ x

  8. Jeez I thought that was a real mouse at first! I also read nickies post and found it strike a chord, so great of you to share it.

  9. I was furious to read the awful story of the dog that died from being left outside all mnight, did you read it on your facebook? The family had such a good time earlier in the day and forgot all about the poor animal They should be left out in the snow all night too

  10. When I first saw the title of this, I was slightly concerned but did chuckle when I spotted the pipe cleaner tail. Excellent message, good work!

    Thanks for linking up


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