Wedding vows: part 2

The groom read his wedding vows from his tablet

Image credit: Stephanie Belton

Having seen the love for Mummy’s wedding vows, Daddy was keen to share his own words from the day. It’s copy pasted from his own typing, which he sent from his iPad, which he also used at the altar to read his vows from!

Hels Bels, H Mc B, I really do love you so much. You are & will always be my best friend.

You give me advice & support when I ask for it, tell me to pull myself together when I don’t ask. Though sometimes you do seem to take my bosses point of view.

You’re are a true rock just about keeping me on the straight & narrow. I know its not always easy.

Today I give myself to you again in marriage & a renewed commitment to try even harder to make our marriage special in the future.

I promise to encourage you and inspire you in your new career, to retweet & favourite your tweets, comment on your blog & share your Facebook posts.

I promise to laugh with you more, to see life from your point of view. To be more patient & caring when you are ill.

And not take it so personally when you point out that I’ve not quite done something to your liking.

These things I give you today for the rest of our days together.

Oh s**t, Mummy’s blubbing now…

On with his speech at the party afterwards – that should be less emotional!

It’s our 13th wedding anniversary, really doesn’t seem that long ago – a bit spooky but 13th best selling single of 2000 – Life is a rollercoaster – little did we know how true that would be in more than 1 sense!

The world has changed somewhat over the last 13 years. Blogging didn’t really exist – WordPress May 2003. Social media didn’t exist – Facebook Feb 4th, 2004, You Tube Feb 2005, Twitter March 2006 now worth $25bn.

How did we cope?

Our world has changed too – we have 2 amazing children, M & E who we love soooo much, at one point having been told we couldn’t have kids. How they’ve changed our life –never would have thought we’d ever go on a mobile home holiday – we were used to Maldives, California et al – but they absolutely love it – and we’ve sort of begun to enjoy it too, even the dodgy evening entertainment! I think you’ll agree they both look amazing today.

13 years ago we had only recently moved here – where we only knew a few of you, and now we know all you lovely people through likes of NCT, school, the footy team & blogging/social media – who said social media is just for virtual friends?!

We love it here & that’s massively down to the great new friends that the four of us have made.

And our old friends too through school, uni & work – some we have known for over 30 years –– its quite something to have been friends with so many of you for that long.

Thanks for putting up with us & particularly me! I know I can be a stroppy bugger at times!!

A similar sentiment my family will share. You’ve known me for the longest & probably have had to be the most patient. My mum & my brother particularly.

But on the basis there’s quite a few of you here tonight – you’ve hopefully forgiven the majority of the indiscretions? Or you just happened to be passing and fancied a party?

Not all our families can be here today – sadly our fathers have passed away, and L, J, H & J not been able to travel. Our best wishes are particularly with J.

And as our world, family and friends have evolved & changed so have we – recently our passion for geocaching has brought us together as a family & made “going for a walk” seem much less pointless.

And our most recent venture, soon to be revealed, has given us something new to enjoy together. I wouldn’t call it a passion yet, but maybe an emerging interest… its only been 3 weeks, so bear that in mind. You will all know how musically challenged I am, so bear that in mind too.

Thank you sooo much for all coming tonight I know Friday is not ideal & some of you have come a long way, some as far as Florida, I hope you have a great night. And now we’re off for our first “real” public dance together!! Enjoy!

At which point I did this:

Embarrassed at Mum and Dad dancing

Because they did this…

This was the result of 3 weeks of intensive dance lessons Daddy was adamant he would undertake to produce a dance with Mummy. There were tantrums along the way, but they did it! Thanks to Ben from Salsa Machine.

PS – I wasn’t really embarrassed. Well done Daddy!  😉

My embarrassed photo was taken by the lovely Annie, from Mammasaurus, who has her own set of photos on her blog this week! Laura of Tired Mummy of Two took the video. We will soon be sharing all the photos from our great friend and Hertfordshire children’s photographer Stephanie Belton.

13 thoughts on “Wedding vows: part 2”

  1. If it looks like I’m crying it’s just the wind making my eyes water…nope, nope it isn’t, it’s all the loves. So much loves. You beautiful people. Congratulations on being so in love after all the years, long may it continue xxx

  2. Oh wow.

    No honestly, there’s just something in my eye…

    *deep breath*

    So beautiful, so glad you finally got the day you’d always wanted and deserved and so happy for you 🙂


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