Top 5 Gadgets for 7 Year Olds – Listography

Listography at Kate Takes 5 this week is all about gadgets, and I have my top 5 right here. Now I love to read, but girl cannot live by books alone, and when the printed word begins to swim, a little light relief is in order. Fun things that make life easier. Here are my top 5 gadgets:

  1. The iPad (iPhone, iTouch, or basically anything ‘i’). Particularly if it accommodates apps concerning Barbie, High School Musical or Moshi Monsters. It fills my car journeys, makes me eat quicker in restaurants, keeps me occupied during boring adult chat, and can even improve mind (just so long as I don’t play Angry Birds all day).
  2. The Rude Noise Maker. If you haven’t got one of these you can take a look at it in action here. It has absolutely no useful purpose other than to make us laugh. Which I’m told is therapy."Rude Noise Maker"
  3. The Tag Reader. I have always loved books. But I haven’t always been able to read. This gadget looks like a pen, but when you press it to a word in the special books, it says the word for you. It can also read the entire story, and give you games to practice your reading skills. So it was very handy for those moments when Mummy was being dull and doing housework instead of reading to me.
  4. Barbie. Mummy says a gadget is a mechanical or electronic thing. Daddy says it is intended to make life easier. Wikipedia says gadgets may have no other use than to provide amusement. I say Barbie fulfils all those requirements. Have seen the knees on her??
  5. The Torch. Obvious, really. It is so important to be able to read quietly in the dark. My torch is sadly confiscated at bedtime, so on occasion I have resorted to fairy light. Now what I really want for Christmas is this:

"Child's Head Torch"

Then I could read secretly after dark with both hands free. Simple! I am hoping to sneak this onto my Christmas list and seal the envelope so that Mummy can’t read it, because I know she would cross it off! With any luck it will be just mine and Santa’s little secret!

Now, tell me what you think and then go see what the Mummies are liking over at Kate Takes 5. (Bet it’s all washing machines and hoovers – they’re obsessed with those things!).

16 thoughts on “Top 5 Gadgets for 7 Year Olds – Listography”

  1. Yes, all washing machines and hoovers over here. No, not really, I picked a torch too. Good choice. Our 3 year old has just discovered Barbie (sigh…)

  2. Oh you sound like a girl after my own heart. I tried to disguise the fact I was reading late at night by putting something over the lamp. Turns out its not such a good idea. Burning smells really draw attention to your late night reading habit. Oops

    • Haha! Apparently my Mum set light to her nightie with a candle once – there was no hiding the fact that she’d been reading past curfew then!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with your list! We have so many different torches for hours of amusement! Wind up ones, lego ones…..
    The only thing we don’t have is the Rude Noise Maker – maybe i should get one! 😉
    My son loves his Tag reader already and he’s only 4!

  4. That rude noise maker seems really funny, guess I should get it for Christmas present for my 6 years old boy along with a nice set of trains. Thanks for the ideas !


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