The Photo Gallery: Eyes

"eyes in the back of her head"How does Mummy always know everything? Like, that I have some of my Christmas chocolate stashed away in a drawer in my bedroom, in case sleep evades me, or I am woken by the binmen too early. How does she always know when I am telling fibs? How can she tell who hit who first in a sibling scrap? And how come she always, always finds out if I indulge in covert reading after dark?

She tells me she has eyes in the back of her head. She doesn’t though. Does she?

"all-seeing eyes"
They're watching!

This post is inspired by The Gallery at Sticky Fingers.

31 thoughts on “The Photo Gallery: Eyes”

  1. I would not have bothered having green eyes.
    And I do believe that mother’s have eyes in the back of their head :).

  2. Great take on the theme.
    Mummys have eyes not only in the back of their heads but also on the side of their heads and they have this little alarm thingy inside their head that goes off whenever one of their children tells a fib……

  3. Mummy says…. Thanks Actually Daddy for coming up with this at 10pm last night when I was wondering what on earth an anonymous blogger was going to put up here for a post about eyes! What a team! Thanks everyone for wonderful comments :))

  4. The cleverest take on the eyes theme that I’ve seen so far.
    Well done.
    Many times I wish I really did have eyes in the back of my head.


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