The MAD Blog Awards 2013 – Thanks, and Good Luck

I couldn’t not blog today, but if I’m honest, I’m feeling a bit under par. Annie, bring your tea tree oil and don’t stand too close 😉

Tonight I am fortunate enough to be attending the Mad Blog Awards for the second year running. Last year we were absolutely thrilled and gobsmacked to win our Schooldays category, sponsored by Startrite Shoes. The competition was stiff, and it is no less so this time round. Look:

  1. Thinly Spread: I mean seriously, the woman is a blogging legend, writing beautifully about life, food, gardens, and campaigning for a better world. What’s more, I’ve met her, and she’s one of the loveliest bloggers you could ever meet. (There must be something not perfect about her – I’ll try and track it down this evening and let you know) 😉
  2. Raisie Bay: What can I say? First, this woman has 5 children. Five! I’m surprised she remembers  she even has a blog, never mind an award-nominated one. I can’t find a photo of her anywhere, so I’m most likely going to mistake her for Sally Whittle or Hayley from Down Side Up. I have a sieve for a brain, that’s my excuse! Another campaigner, she works with Autism awareness organisations and has my immense respect.
  3. Mum of 3 World: Sarah blasted into the blogging arena shortly after me, and we’ve linked and blogged together over the last couple of years. Lovely lovely lady, who writes captivatingly about her children’s lives, both in school and out – check out little dancer under pressure. Plus she’s a runner. Respect.
  4. But Why Mummy Why? I’m going out on a limb here and claiming that I’ve not yet met Morgana. I probably have – I always embarrass myself by claiming to be excited to meet people when actually they’ve been my best mate for 3 years (Annie who?). But I’m working on the theory that if I mess it up here on my blog, I don’t have to do it face to face later. Cunning. She has a really pretty blog, vintage style, and a linky I want to join in with soon – Some Things that I Love.

So, ladies, good luck tonight – worthy winners, all of you x

And my immense thanks go to Sally, who works bloody hard organising this event every year so we can have a brilliant jolly; to Wish Want Wear, who have provided my very glam frock; to Soda Stream, who are sponsoring my stay at the awesome Royal Garden Hotel; and to everyone who ever read a post, cast a vote, or said a friendly hello to me along the way. Here’s what GG and the Bug have to say about it all:

I’m so proud…

7 thoughts on “The MAD Blog Awards 2013 – Thanks, and Good Luck”

  1. Aw, you are very lovely! Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. I shan’t mind losing to you for the second year in a row at all! 🙂 xxx


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