Finicky Shirts: the one where we discover that Daddy is a really weird shape

"Finicky Shirts"

My Daddy is a short-arse. I’ve heard him say so himself, so I know I’m allowed to say it too. I’m not sure why then, when I tell my little brother he is a “pain in the arse” I get into trouble for using a square-word. It seems a bit two-faced to me. Anyway, I digest… The fact is that Daddy is a really weird shape. Short legs and arms, more J-Lo than he would like, he finds it difficult to  find a shirt that fits well. Well guess what? We found Finicky Shirts, who will create tailor-made shirts for even the weirdest shapes!

Once upon a time only very rich gentlemen (the kind that wore breeches and stockings, I imagine) could afford to get a shirt made to fit them perfectly, and only then by visiting a very squirmy kind of simpering man in Jermyn Street. But now, anyone can get the perfect fit, and it can all be done online at Finicky Shirts. Here’s how it works:

First, we measured Daddy:

"Measuring for a shirt"

We measured Daddy for his birthday present, according to the very simple instructions on the Finicky Shirts website. It is really easy to understand, and if you take a measurement that doesn’t sound right, the makers will query it with you and guide you through the process. You can see that we measured Daddy’s head. This was just to throw him off the scent…

Next we input all his details to the site, which now has a saved measurement profile in his account ready for his next shirt order. Now comes the really fun bit:


Using each different option we chose fabric (there is loads!), shirt fit, cuff-type, collar-style, you name it, you can personalise it! Mummy says she had no idea men had so many different choices in a shirt! We chose long sleeves with rounded double-button cuffs, a normal collar, with a fitted body-type shape. Daddy likes to wear his shirts out over jeans for the smart-casual look, and likes the fitted shape. To make it snazzy (oh, does Daddy love snazzy? He once bought himself a pair of turquoise trainers with orange stripes) we also chose a floral lining for the collar and cuffs, using the flamboyant options for a highlight.

There are quite literally hundreds of combinations, but you will probably find your preferred style quite quickly. Then it’s just a question of choosing from the array of colours and patterns. The basic shirt costs £64.95, including delivery, whatever design you choose. The reverse collar and cuff option costs another £19.

"made-to-measure shirt"

The shirt came so beautifully packaged that we didn’t have the heart to open it for a sneak preview before we wrapped it for his birthday. So we were all on tenterhooks as he tried to figure out what we’d got him. He loved it so much that he put it straight on and popped onto his other present for a try-out (yes, he is having a mid-life crisis by the way). Once we managed to get him out of the pyjama-bottoms/smart-shirt combo, we gave him a champagne breakfast.

Our verdict:

  • Daddy loves it – he has since worn it with a tie, and it looks very smart
  • Great quality, irons well, machine-washable
  • More than you’d pay at M&S, but way less than it would cost you on Jermyn Street! It is certainly an investment, but in our view the choice, and the ability to personalise the fit compensate for this
  • You get an individual shirt, that you are unlikely to see anywhere else
  • You don’t have to shop at Hollister in defiance of your middle-age – you can be alternative in a much more decorous fashion
  • Mummy thinks he looks hot in it, but he could always open a window
  • Conversely, I think he looks cool
  • The Bug wants one just the same…

Disclosure: we were given the Finicky Shirts experience and shirt for the purposes of review. All opinions and editorial are our own, and subject to copyright. 

9 thoughts on “Finicky Shirts: the one where we discover that Daddy is a really weird shape”

  1. Very smart – my hubby did this (but not same company) for his wedding shirt and he’s still getting wear out of it! Sorry your hubby is a funny shape though… think mine is too… Perhaps they should meet and compare proportions… LMAO x

  2. I think all husbands of a certain age are a funny shape. Anyway I like the look of this and will let the hubby know about it. I enjoy the way you review products, you manage to make them a fun read whilst still discussing the product. Clever. x

    • Thank you, I think reviews don’t often get a lot of interaction, so I like to keep them in tone with the rest of the blog. Lots of reviews I don’t do because I couldn’t make them work in GG’s voice. Thanks for commenting x


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