Dress-up race

I have a few. Sports Day should be about fun, teams, joining in. Hence the Carousel, where you get to try out fun stuff, with friends. I will happily put on the wig, jump in a sack, throw the foam javelin, and waddle with a balloon between my knees in the name of sporting fun. I may be quite good; I may not, but I will have fun nontheless.

The Bug did well this year. Not fast, but with a really good strategy, he won the egg-and-spoon, the bean-bag on head, the sack race. M&D made a pact not to label us: the Bug=athletic, me=academic. It would do no good. But the temptation was there.

The PTA had some ideas for Sports Day this year. They took note last time of the shivering mums, craving a coffee on the sidelines, and pitched up with hot drinks and croissants to pass the time and ease the shivers. It went down well.

I have a few ideas of my own for Sports Day:

Balancing Strategy

Afterthe carousel games, when you move on to the competitive races, watch the children. Notice how many of them are in floods of tears. We are only 6 and we have been out here for 2 hours. Teach us how to celebrate winners, but teach us how to lose. Give the winners medals, but give everyone a sticker.  Yes we need to learn, but cushion the blow. We have only just learned to share, and sometimes even that is a stretch. A sticker and a chocolate biscuit goes a long way towards lessening the impact at our age.

So learn from the PTA. Sports day is great – as long as there is sustenance for the body as well as the soul!

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