Silent Sunday

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  1. Glad it provoked such a reaction! That will appeal to GG’s sense of melodrama just fine! She fell down some patio steps 5 minutes into a birthday party. She tells me she didn’t cry, which makes me bizarrely proud. I faffed around for ages last night trying to make it look more gory, but in the end the real thing looked about as bad as it could get. She’s just moaned her way through an entire swimming lesson saying that it hurts, and she can’t play anything except the DS, because moving her leg hurts (so she says)!

  2. It does give you a sense of macabre satisfaction doesn’t it. Kind of in a “look at my war wound” sort of way! Tbh I’m just glad it’s not broken – it was pretty nasty! She is giving it some mileage though 😉

    • Ooooh do you think it might be? I did worry about it actually, really nasty bump and she’s been moaning about it all day! She can walk on it though so I didn’t panic

  3. Ooooh nasty! Poor GG
    I have to be honest, to start with I thought she got these markings from having shaved her legs! Eeeeek!
    She sounds very brave xx


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