Saturday is Caption Day!

25 thoughts on “Saturday is Caption Day!”

  1. “There’s no way I’m sitting down on a pink toilet seat – I’d rather just hover here in mid air, thank you very much!”

  2. Like OH MY GOD Barbie your bathroom is just so fabulous darling! See how I’ve accesorised to match it – this pink sash is Maximillion Mattel darrrrling. Have you got any other toilet roll darling? This is far to abrasive on my delicate tush – I need quilted toilet roll darling – failing that a kitten…
    or a puppy – do you have a puppy Barbie – I think you need one…

  3. ‘ewwwww, there is no way im putting my butt on that toilet seat. Ive seen the mess that Barbie makes!’ thought Ken..silently thanking his yogic flyer coach for teaching him the art of levitation

  4. i can’t do ANYTHING whilst your all watching, and yes, I know I grin when I’m doing it… AmsterdaMummy recently posted…Saturday is Caption Day

  5. Listen, I want to say thank you to all you lovely people that commented, and sorry that I wasn’t around to visit this weekend. Rest assured I will visit every single entry next week to make up for it 🙂

    And btw Actually Daddy was dying to add his caption:
    Barbie! Pass me the iPad!


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