Saturday is Caption Day!

And it’s a belter!

"Grandma on the beers"Grandma so didn’t want us to publish this. Can you think why?


28 thoughts on “Saturday is Caption Day!”

  1. Grandma was desperado for a drink or two after spending the day with her grandchildren! She may get knocked down, but she get up again! you ain’t never gonna get her down!

    (ok I have waffled too much now, trying to get too many tequila puns in there!)

  2. Ok I can’t resist it this week, although my mother will kill me:
    This is how we stop Grandma getting cross about how many lights we leave on….

  3. the photo is pure brilliance, but the comments above made me laugh out loud!
    My caption would be
    “Here’s looking at you, Kid!”


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