The new NatWest Pig

Do you remember the NatWest Pig? Slightly scary creatures, these money boxes were designed in the 1980’s to encourage kids (by means of intimidation, I imagine) to save their pocket money and put it in the bank. They died out in 1988 (presumably as a result of being hacked to pieces by hallucinatory toddlers in the middle of the night), but have remained something of a collector’s item ever since. If you are made of steely enough stuff, you can buy a set on eBay for around £50. "Pigs by Kids for NatWest" The great news is that the NatWest Pig is making a comeback, but not as the alarming characters they once were. No, NatWest are inviting children up to the age of 13 to create their own versions of the pig, for entry into a competition. The public will vote on 3 shortlisted entries to find the new NatWest Pig, which will be made into a real piggy bank. Click here for more details on the Pigs by Kids competition, which will run until 11 November, 2012. Terms and conditions apply. NatWest sent us lots of lovely craft materials to create our pigs, and here is why we think Christmas Pig should be the new NatWest pig, and save kids piggy banks from the Evil Lord Snortface:

* This an advertising promotion for NatWest.

The little thing: I always forget how much fun children can have with a box of craft materials. I should stay out of it and let them experiment…

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