A new family adventure has begun…

Earlier this year we went skiing for the first time as a family. Each of us had different expectations of our trip, but none of us knew how it would pan out. You see, although all of us had experienced skiing before, this time was going to be different; this time we were a family of four.

From my ‘headlong into the thrills’ approach, to Mummy’s nervous ‘will I have to carry 3 pairs of skis and a wailing child’ trepidation, we ran the gauntlet of ‘what-if’s’ for weeks before our arrival on the slopes. Would Daddy be frustrated with easy skiing, being the black-run, off-piste risk-taker that he is? Would I ski over the edge in my enthusiasm for speed, and would the Bug finally face his fear and become a skier? Here’s how we got on:

I did, in fact, ski off-piste. Not intentionally. I had one of those failure to make the turn moments that resulted in speed that made me scream, and an eventual landing in the powder. Mummy has it on video, but has promised not to share it unless I forget – control your speed! Fortunately, no serious damage was done, other than to my ego, and an Orangina in our favourite bar sorted me out reasonably quickly. Lesson learned.

On that note, if you ever go to Val d’Isère you will find the most incredible beach bar – yes, I said beach. Bar d’Altitude L’Ouillette, has a glorious deck overlooking the Madeleine run. Littered with colourful cushions, deck chairs and parasols, you will find it packed with powder hounds scoffing from the amazing BBQ, and sipping rosé wine. And there’s always the gondola  to ride home if the skis feel a bit wobbly afterwards 😉

So, skiing is now something our family does. Let the family adventure begin!


We’ve written about our skiing adventures here. We were sent by Mark Warner to review a family ski holiday in Val d’Isère.

Mark Warner operate a variety of family-friendly trips, including ski and summer holidays. Explore the huge variety on their website.

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13 thoughts on “A new family adventure has begun…”

  1. Aw that gave me goosebumps! Glad to see all those lessons before you went really paid off – it’s perfect for you as a family with everything you’ve said before. I LOVE that video 🙂

    • It really was such a special holiday Anya. I feel like we’ve really found something that we can all share. I’m so relieved for Jason especially, skiing is such a big deal for him x

  2. The bar looks awesome. I’m not a great skier having only been once, so I would have been off-piste-ing a lot! Looking forward to reading more.

  3. I have NEVER been ski-ing. Can you believe it?! Not once.

    Loved the vid – made me wish I could ski. The kids look like they are having so much fun, I’d love to take Z when he’s a bit bigger – we can learn together!

    How chilled out does GG look in the bar lounge too! She looks cool enough for the paps to start taking her pic 🙂

  4. Hahahaha love it. What’s your favourite thing about this holiday? Skiing! Can you think of another word? Skiing!! On another note, how good are your kids at skiing!? I’ve never been in my life but I I imagine myself to have the style and grace of bambi. Fab video. X


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