How to still dress cool at 50 with Zalando

Simple! Take one very cool Zebra print jacket…

"zebra print jacket at Zalando"add one set of hot jeans…

"leopard print jeans"and the coolest boots in the world.

"black fur cuff ankle boots"

Ease one 50 year old Mum into jeans (they’re stretch…), checking purchased length was exactly right for the perfect “tuck-into-glorious-boots” effect.

Slip aforementioned Mum’s arms into Zebra jacket, ignoring the nervous “are you sure, darling?’s” issuing from her puckered lips.

Gaze reverently at fur cuffs on high-rise heels, before gently sliding onto matriarch’s foot (carefully avoiding bunions).

Stand well back – matrons on heels can be unpredictable and dangerous. It’s something to do with rickety bones and dessicated joints. Admire and reassure in equal measure.

"Mums can look cool too"At this point you will need to deal with one of 3 possible outcomes. Follow the chart below for appropriate actions:

Cool Mum graph

The solution is almost always the same; the important factor to note is that you will need to gain control of the laptop for several hours – this is how long you will want to spend on the Zalando website. Mummy claims it is just for her and a select few of her friends. However I happen to know that they have a huge range of clothes for kids, too. Daddy will also need to be kept away when in possession of a credit card. Check it out – you have been warned 😉

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7 thoughts on “How to still dress cool at 50 with Zalando”

  1. There is no question about it, I would be taking route 3, falling off the high-heeled boots and administering frozen peas to the affected area.

    You look lovely Actually Mummy. 🙂

  2. You are completely rocking the look! My mom who is the same age would get a heart attack if i even come close to suggesting that she should wear something like that!


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