How to enjoy a British beach in rubbish Easter weather!

True to typical British form the Easter Bank Holiday was a washout. Rain, wind, mud, and chill-factor – not of the “chillaxing” kind. Day 1 was ok, a drive to Grandma’s, stopping off for juice at Granny’s, lots of time with the elements of joy, and a fish and chip supper. So far, so good.

Day 2 brought more of the same rubbish wet stuff, so the TV went on. Pizza and films, interspersed with a bit of researching the next cool app to beg Daddy to download for our his iPad. For some reason Mummy started to get a bit cross with us, off and on. Can’t think why.

When Easter Sunday dawned, bringing the Easter bunny and his mercurial sugar-fuel, the mood swings really kicked in. The mercury also got a bit tempestuous where the weather was concerned too, so no testing out my new roller-skates. At the end of the day we took Grandma to her favourite restaurant, on the sea-front, for tea. We found it extreeeeemely difficult to sit still, and had 1,2,3,4,5……… (oh I lose count) tantrums.

Somewhere between chips and my second Fanta, the weather broke – briefly, but long enough for Mummy to frog-march us onto the beach:

As we giggled our way back to our table, the wet splodges began to fall again.  I chanced my arm; “When will I be old enough to drink Coke, Mummy?”

Mum of One

I’m linking this up to I Spy at Mum of One, where the letter is U. It’s extremely tenuous, but if you look very carefully you might catch a glimpse of it

14 thoughts on “How to enjoy a British beach in rubbish Easter weather!”

  1. Wet stuff is not brilliant fun , unless you are peppa pig and you love jumping in muddy puddles ! Sounds like a good weekend though , well done.

  2. Love the video – I am also a big beach fan, blustery days at the beach sometimes win for me!! No idea on ‘u’ though……x

  3. I think I must be old enough for Coke by now! Glad you enjoyed the beach anyway. We went last week and the weather didn’t put me off even though Mummy’s teeth were chattering!


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