Dog on Stilts: a book with a message for children

Dog on Stilts: a book with a message for children

Medium dog has a problem. At least, he thinks he has. You see, he’s just medium. Average, ordinary, normal. And that doesn’t suit him. He wants to be noticed. He wants to be liked. He wants to BE someone! Luckily, he thinks he has the solution, and embarks on a project that will see him walking taller than all the other dogs. But will it make him happy?

Dog on Stilts

A little dog with a big message for children

Dog on Stilts is the second hardback children’s book by James Thorp and Angus McKinnon, of The Superhairies group. We reviewed their first book, The Weasel Puffin Unicorn Baboon Pig Lobster Race (!!) last year and loved the bold graphics, quirky characters, and moral to the tale. And we weren’t the only ones; the book reached the final three in the Peoples Book Prize, and has since been shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal for Illustration in 2015.

Their next book, Dog on Stilts, looks set to do just as well, as it slowly dawns on medium dog that just being his lovely self is the best way to make friends and keep them! Take a sneak peek in our short video:

The book has the same touches of humour as it’s predecessor, and a lovely moral that’s easy for children to understand. And once you’ve finished reading for the first time, you can relive the story in the online version, which has lots of extra sound effects and lines to bring it alive.

This would make an excellent addition under the Christmas tree for any child aged 4-10, and will be loved for a long time after its first read. It’s available in bookshops now, priced at £10.99, or you can find it on Amazon. You can find out more from the Superhairies team on Facebook, or at They say their next book will “challenge all the laws of science.” I can’t wait to find out what they have in store!

Dog on Stilts Press release0005

Disclosure: our copy of Dog on Stilts was given to us for the purposes of review. All opinion is our own.

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  1. I think my 13yo son could do with this book! Sadly he wouldn’t be keen on a book for younger kids, but the message sounds perfect for him.


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