I took the Savage Challenge. Will you?

Savage Challenge - eat the grasshoppers!

Would we take the savage challenge and eat the grasshoppers?


Today sees the start of the Savage Challenge blogger book tour, and I’m delighted to kick off the challenge by telling you a little bit about both the tour, and the book which inspired it. Over the next 20 days, 20 fabulous bloggers will be setting you a #savagechallenge. Read on to discover the theme for today’s challenge.

Discover the Savage World

The book itself is the kind of read that children won’t notice they’re reading – even reluctant readers very quickly start to find themselves immersed in discovering fascinating facts and “no way!” revelations. We have spent several hours just randomly flicking through its pages gasping, cringing, and “bleurghing!” Jam-packed with more than 5000 facts and 1200 jaw-dropping images, it is now a kitchen table book – as in, it can’t go back on the shelf, we never know when we might need it. Check out our new knowledge:

  • Rain is acid! That’s why it can erode rock.
  • Kangaroos are epic kickboxers!
  • Angry birds is not just an app…
  • In a wasp:spider fight-off, the wasp would win!
  • People eat insects… and cow-blood porridge… Like I said – bleurghhhh!

As well as being enthralled by gruesome new facts, we were fascinated by the story of the Chilean miners who survived underground for 65 days, how volcanoes erupt, and why we need to go on holiday to the Maldives like, yesterday, before they are under water! We’re desperate to go back to Florida – not for Mickey Mouse, but to see a sink-hole. And The Bug wants to visit a car-crushing plant…

We took the Savage Challenge 

Discover the Savage World is the third book in the bestselling ‘Discover the World’ series, produced in association with Discovery ChannelTM. It tackles ‘savage’ subjects through six brutal-themed sections, covering Earth, nature, people, history, science and technology. Miles Kelly describe their latest publication as “deadly, explosive, and wild,” which is right up our street. The Bug has gained instant kudos on the playground, and the boys in my class know not to mess with me these days 😉


Will you take the Savage Challenge?

Now for the really fun part. You’ll be delighted to know that your challenge is much more manageable than ours. All you have to do is join in with a photo, inspired by the daily prompt. Today’s prompt is “Teeth.” Simply post your image on Facebook or Twitter, with the hashtag #worldgonewild and Miles Kelly will find it. At the end of the blog tour, they will add all the photos to Facebook albums, and ask people to ‘like’ their favourite photos. The owner of the photo with the most likes will win a Miles Kelly book bundle, containing books of their choice, worth £100.

Now, we were so engrossed in the book that we totally forgot to take our photo, so here is what Mummy did to my birthday cake leftovers after the school run. I’m sure you can do better:

Savage Challenge Teeth #worldgonewild

Disclosure: We were given a free copy of Discover the Savage World for the purposes of review. No other compensation was received.

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  1. That was a fabulous video! Your children are adorable and food for your husband eating a grasshopper! I absolutely hate cooked peas so I would have easily chosen the grasshopper. Where on earth does one even buy grasshopper?


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