Dear So and So… Letters to Santa

"Santa Chimney"

Dear Santa,

I will be a little late submitting my letter to you this year. You see, Mummy won’t let me on the computer. She says she is too busy using it to blog, and that my spending 4 hours browsing the Toys R Us website is not a priority.  Which is unfortunate, because I don’t really know what I want. I’m sure once I have had access to the computer I will have a list of tat as long as my arm that I really need, so please rest assured that my letter will be available to view  just as soon as NaPloBooMop is finished at the end of November.  I love you Santa, GG xxxx

Dear Mummy,

Please can you give me access to the computer soon? I’m really worried that my Moshi Monster may have died. You have to play with him regularly to make him happy, and I haven’t played with him in weeks, so my flowers won’t grow and I really think he may get so sad that he’ll wither away and, and, and I don’t know why I’m even telling you this – you wouldn’t understand!!!!! Love, GG.

Dear Santa,

PS. Do you even exist? I stayed up late last year so I wouldn’t miss you, but all I saw was Mummy at the bottom of the stairs snooping through our Santa sacks. Mummy says you disappeared through the front door with a streak of glitter when you heard me wake up, but I’m not 100% sure. Also, those ‘sleigh bells’ we heard outside at bedtime sounded a lot like Daddy shaking my tambourine…… The Bug believes in you though, so you’d better not disappoint him! Oh please say it’s all real…… Yours in nervous anticipation, GG.



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  1. one solution is to get your Mummy to grab the latest Argos catalogue, and grab all the other freebie christma gift idea brochures, mags in the shops and give them to you little darlings to flick through…. so you can take your time and not have to fiddle with that mouse thingy on the computer. That’ll get your Mummy a bit of time to crack on with the Nablopomo. And it is really important, you see as I am doing it too, and I am sure you don’t want your Mummy to miss a single post. That simply wouldn’t do… She would lose the competition and you see, I am competing with your Mummy to see who cracks first… The next thing is to borrow from the library (or buy if you’re like my kids who want to watch them over and over and over again…) all the Christmas DVDs – our absolute favourites and yes I know, we are ONLY in November but our Christmas run-up viewing has already started are: Elf, Fred Claus, Santa Claus(e) 1, 2 and 3, Polar Express, The Happy Elf. Now alot of these are only about £3-5 each from HMV at the mo, so hurry on down with your Mummy and grab them before others latch onto the idea… We just love Christmas and all these lovely magical movies. So off you go, let me know how you get on, and let me know which ones are your favourites. When you are a little older you may like Christmas with the Cranks and also Deck the Halls, also favourites with us! xxx

  2. An argos catalogue sounds like the perfect solution…..I remember using the Argos catalogue to choose my gifts when I was writing my list to Santa, all those years ago!

  3. Brilliant idea to do a Dear So and So post from GG’s perspective. Love it! I’m surprised she hasn’t asked Santa for her own laptop for Christmas though, kids these days seem to have it all LOL xx

    • I am so glad she didn’t. All her classmates seem to be asking for them. If they get one when they’re 7 I wonder what in earth will be left for them to have when they are 13? Perhaps a penthouse appartment?

  4. Dear GG – How can it be that you are even doubting my existence after all the lovely pressies I left last year! Now, it’s probably best if you leave your mummy to get on with that NaBloPoMo thingy…. she’s probably getting a bit cranky with all the pressure and having written 18 posts on the trot n’all. You could always watch the ads on ITV – they give you the best ideas for the tattiest tat going and then you could send your letter up the chimney – thus leaving mummy to her blogging antics in peace.
    In any event, looking forward to receiving your requests. Be good. Santa.
    PS We couldn’t find the sleigh bells last year so we did actually use a tambourine!

  5. Luckily a Moshi Monster never actually goes to Moshi Monster heaven, but you’ll just have to spend extra long on the computer trying to make it happy again. There’s something to look forward to when NaBloMoPoo finishes. 😉

    Hope you get everything you want from Santa.

  6. Every day a different catalogue pops through our door and every day Jake devours it looking for yet another item to add to his ever growing list. Think maybe a cull will be made soon, although he knows he won’t get everything but just wants Santa to have lots of ideas in case things are out of stock. He has now put his list in order of favourite present ideas! Zach on the other hand really wants a zip wire and a balloon, a slight improvement on last years loft or baby sister requests.


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