Mummy doesn’t get out on this blog much,  as it is MINE! But allow me to indulge her today and read what she has to say for a change. Pleaaase?

getting a new puppy

Dear The Bug’s Teacher….. We.Are.Not.Getting.A. Puppy. End of. Don’t believe him when he says it is really cute, and that he will be bringing it in for ‘show and tell’ soon, because it does not exist. Love, Mrs Bugged.

Dear Schoolmums….. We.Are.Not.Getting.A.Puppy. You can stop texting me now asking when you and your children can come and visit our new puppy. It does not exist. Love, the harrassed one on the playground.

Dear The Bug……. We.Are.Not.Getting.A.Puppy. I don’t know what possessed you to tell your entire class at circle time that we were, because we are not. When I asked you why you said it, the answer ‘Because I want to take it in and show them’ does not really cut it. It does not exist. Love, Mummy x

And whilst I’m at it: Dear Friend’s Daughter…. You need to explain to your mates that Mummy is not pregnant. You need to clarify that the ultrasound picture you took to your ‘show and tell’ is of you 7 years ago. Also it would help not to tout it round the playground. Mums tend to jump to conclusions….. Love, Mummy’s friend.

Show and Tell at school has a lot to answer for 😉

To see the next instalment of this story read the Bug’s response!


Puppy image courtesy of Puppy Training Care

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