On not getting a puppy: Why show and tell is dangerous

Mummy doesn’t get out on this blog much,  as it is MINE! But allow me to indulge her today and read what she has to say for a change. Pleaaase?

getting a new puppy

Dear The Bug’s Teacher….. We.Are.Not.Getting.A. Puppy. End of. Don’t believe him when he says it is really cute, and that he will be bringing it in for ‘show and tell’ soon, because it does not exist. Love, Mrs Bugged.

Dear Schoolmums….. We.Are.Not.Getting.A.Puppy. You can stop texting me now asking when you and your children can come and visit our new puppy. It does not exist. Love, the harrassed one on the playground.

Dear The Bug……. We.Are.Not.Getting.A.Puppy. I don’t know what possessed you to tell your entire class at circle time that we were, because we are not. When I asked you why you said it, the answer ‘Because I want to take it in and show them’ does not really cut it. It does not exist. Love, Mummy x

And whilst I’m at it: Dear Friend’s Daughter…. You need to explain to your mates that Mummy is not pregnant. You need to clarify that the ultrasound picture you took to your ‘show and tell’ is of you 7 years ago. Also it would help not to tout it round the playground. Mums tend to jump to conclusions….. Love, Mummy’s friend.

Show and Tell at school has a lot to answer for ๐Ÿ˜‰

To see the next instalment of this story read the Bug’s response!


Puppy image courtesy of Puppy Training Care

26 thoughts on “On not getting a puppy: Why show and tell is dangerous”

  1. I LOVE this…my eldest’s friend used to do it all the time, telling everyone it was her birthday every time she went to tumble tots or brownies etc. She got away with it for a time too!

  2. Thanks for writing, GG’s mummy! Shame about the puppy. My friend’s mummy has just tricked her daddy into getting a kitten – she said it would be put down if they couldn’t have it, and he fell for it! Watch out for tricks like that.

  3. Dear Bug

    I really don’t think your mum gets it. We have been in our new class of 30 kids for about three weeks and in that time you get one shot a day to make it – circle time. We have sat there and listened to all those other amazing stories, everyday hiding alittle more into the carpet, the perfect princess who has danced with angelina ballerina, the boy who collected 200 conkers in one picking, the geeky kid who made the death star out of match sticks. But today, man, you blew them all out the water with 4 (and a half) little words ‘I’m getting a puppy’. I saw how the pretty blonde with the pigtails started looking at you and even how ‘the tank’ stopped looking like he was gonna eat us in his sandwiches for lunch. You had made it, you were the man. You had one glorious day of glory until your mummy bowled straight up to the class teacher and uttered those deverstaing words ‘ I just wanted to set you straight about something…’
    They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all does that
    apply in this situation? Dude it was crushing.

    We need to get your mum onside – we gotta spend along time in this joint.
    Am thinking for next week we should go for something along the lines of a real life dinosaur egg?

    Take care Bug

    Love little Rhino
    Your Wingman

    • Abi that is priceless! I am crying – half with laughter, and the other half with shame for being such a mean mum! I am definitely getting him a puppy now!
      You really should start a blog – you’re a natural :))))

  4. Dear Bugs Mummy

    I am sorry that I made you sad, but think I should be the first kid on the list for puppy playdates.

    My mummy said to say Thank you for the complements and is wondering how many pets in the local community she is responsible for!

    Take care of the Bug for me

    love Little Rhino x

  5. A puppy AND a new baby all in one week!!! Wow, now that’s impressive…… [runs away before you give me a clip round the ears…]


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