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If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I love to read. I will read anything. I have finished all the Harry Potters, and I still read the Bug’s picture books. In fact, I will not even consent to recycling my old books – Angelina Ballerina still gets the occasional flick-through.

I struggled with learning to read at first because – let’s face it – it’s all gobbledigook when you first look at it, isn’t it? But once it clicked I was off, usually to my room, for hours on end. I read in the car, on the stairs, on the trampoline, and illegally by fairy-light. I frequently go missing at school, only to be found in the book corner, and if there is ever a spat to which I have finished contributing, I take myself off the library until it is all over.

Writing has required more of an incentive, and so Mummy decided that every time I write a book review, if it is good enough she will publish it here, and I will get a new book. Prepare yourselves; I read at least a book a day, given half a chance, not to mention those I don’t read, honestly Mummy, after lights out!

Some publishers have been kind enough to send us books to review, and I will always oblige on that one. I am 7, but I am now bored with the Rainbow Fairies and like something a bit more challenging and meaty. So far my favouritist book ever is Magicalamity by Kate Saunders. I will even ask the Bug to review books for 4+ years – his favourite is Charlie Stinky Socks.

Boys! 🙄

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  1. Childrens Book Reviews
    “Fire Engines can provide relief” Just a little Golden Book from your little golden book series, by Janet Campbell and illustrated by Courtney Studios, with appreciation towards Joplin Missouri Fire Department. Published by Western Publishing house, Inc. 1991. ISBN: 0-307-00306-X.

    The storyline takes you through a normal day inside the life of a fireplace department after which of a sudden a large fire breaks out. The fireplace fighters rush on the scene of your multi-story structure fire and begin rescuing people, including a family group on a single on the upper stories. They save your day after which it comes back to the station for dinner, expecting your next call which could happen whenever they want.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading Magicalamity to my son. I find it amusing when his dad turned into a bat and his mother hidden in a jar of sun-dried tomatoes!


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