11.56 Wednesday 30 April.  Just now, this happened:

Post by Helen Wills.

I have been lucky enough to win two great blogging awards in the three years since I first converted key taps to the stories of my children. I am stunned every time, and humbled by the communal thumbs up from the blogging community. But never more than today. Not one, but two categories.

Best Writer: When I began to write, it was on this blog. I had never written before. I was no budding journalist, or wannabe romance scriber. From the minute I began, I dreamed I might one day be able to write the kind of stories people wanted to read. To craft an anecdote that holds your attention, makes you laugh, or take my side. I quickly realised how full the blogging world is of incredible wordsmiths. I am bowled over to be in this category, alongside bloggers to whom I frequently lose hours of my day, as I soak up the tales of their everyday lives.

Best Video: I make videos to illustrate my blog. I make them to show that my daughter really is as verbose as I tell you she is. I make videos to add to the memory box of this blog, to look back at achievements and mannerisms that might otherwise not stand the test of time. And I make them because I secretly quite like the free music on YouTube 😉 Mine are not the most professional of videos – I don’t do Apple (yet) so my video editing software choices are limited. But they are me. They are us. They tell it totally how it is. This is how it is today:

Thank you so much. Your vote will now decide who goes through to the finals. You have until 16 May, 2014 to Vote in the BiB Awards. 


And just because it deserves another outing, today of all days, I’m going to show you my all-time favourite video. It still makes me laugh:

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