Adjusting To Having Teens In Your Home

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We all know that our babies will one day grow up and become teengaers but sometimes we are not prepared for how quickly that comes around. It can be challenging when your child hits their teenage years, there are alot of hormones flying about and learning how to communicate with each other and co-live can be a tricky task. We have come up with some ways to help both you, your teenagers and the rest of the family adjust to growing teens.


Learn To Communicate

Teens are full of hormones and it can be a difficult time for them adjusting to their new bodies and way of thinking. Make sure to let them know that you are there to talk if they need to and when they do open up all you have to do is listen and let them know you understand that their feelings are valid. It can be hard when all of a sudden your teen has an opinion and it’s conflicting to yours, instead of dismissing them, communicating with them and seeing if you can come to a compromise. It’s important to understand that not everyone will have the same opinions and this goes for our children too. Also remember that teens tend to disagree to try and test the limits so pick and choose your battles wisely. 


Upgrade Their Room

When a child becomes a teen they are no longer into the same things, so it might be time to swap out that bunny wallpaper for something a bit more grown up. Letting your teen have an input in how their room is decorated will allow them to practice making decision making skills. Guide them through the process and give them options to choose from whether that be the choice between paint or wallpaper, carpet or engineered wood flooring, handing them some responsibility will help them feel more gratitude once the room is completed. For a true bonding experience get out the paintbrushes and overalls and decorate the room together. 


Set Chores And Expectations

It is important to let your teen express themselves, however it is as equally important to have some rules and responsibilities in place. Setting chores with your teen will not only teach them life skills but it will also help them be responsible and work on their time management skills. It might be as simple as taking out the bin or loading the dishwasher, in the long term they will thank you for knowing how to complete simple household tasks. You can always set up a reward system such as pocket money or a monthly treat if they have kept on top of their chores.


Don’t Take It Personally

Teenagers can say the meanest things and it can be hard not to take personally. Remember it’s not you, they are mad at it, usually that they are confused, hormonal and struggling how to express themselves. Although we should give them the benefit of the doubt, you should still reprimand them if they cross a line. When in the heat of an argument with your teen, stop and take a deep breath, consciously lower your voice and think how to respond constructively in a calm manner.


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