A Chocolate Orange for Christmas…

A Chocolate Orange for Christmas

A Chocolate Orange was my best gift this year, and here’s the story of why…

A Chocolate Orange for Christmas.

As far back as my memory allows (which, depending on the day, could be 41 years, or somewhere around 10 minutes), there was a Chocolate Orange in my stocking on Christmas day. Milk chocolate, because that was my favourite; I couldn’t stand dark – or plain, as it was called in the Seventies. I remember how my ‘tap to unwrap’ wasn’t enough at first, so I must have been small. Either that or I just got more desperate for the chocolate as I got older. And my favourite part was never the segments, but what I liked to think of as the core – that sometimes flaky, sometimes crunchy middle part that I would never give in to until the rest of the orange was finished.

When Father Christmas graduated me to the status of adult and ceased his visits I still got a Chocolate Orange, though it began to appear under the tree, with my Dad’s scrawl on the wrapping paper.* When I left home, and returned with a boyfriend, or husband at Christmas, we’d both get one, though I rarely ate mine, because Dad could never remember which chocolate I preferred, and he couldn’t resist the variety.

Christmas 13 years ago was the first time I didn’t get a Chocolate Orange. My Dad was gone, and I haven’t had one since. So when my children told me, standing in line at our local supermarket in the run-up to Christmas, that they’d never had a Chocolate Orange, and always wanted one, I made a point of letting Father Christmas know. He came up trumps, and the children were delighted with their first ever Chocolate Orange for Christmas.

So a Chocolate Orange will always be my best Christmas present. It made me smile that their childhood now has a link with my own, and it made me remember my Dad on Christmas morning. Although heaven only knows what he’d make of the Popping Candy version!

*Do all men write on the wrapping paper, refusing to use a gift tag? 

If you have a love of chocolate oranges, you might like to try this chocolate orange fudge recipe by my friend Cat. Sadly I never have enough left over – perhaps I need to buy a spare this year. Alternatively here’s a great list of edible gift ideas for Christmas

And let me know in the comments if you have passed on a gift tradition to your own children.


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12 thoughts on “A Chocolate Orange for Christmas…”

  1. LOVE this, so much family history in a simple chocolate gift! My kids always have a chocolate orange in their stockings too – kind of a modern twist to the traditional satsuma to me!

  2. I love chocolate oranges and have had one every year for as long as I can remember too…..I agree the core is the best bit! It’s something special! What a nice story….So lovely to read what it means to you x

  3. Lovely to read your story of orange chocolate, lovely memories… & yes I agree poppin candy NOOO!! Orange Chocolate is my ultimate favourite chocolate, no one in my family gets stuck on what to buy me for my birthday/xmas any sort of orange chocy will do! My tradition has been passed down also to my daughter & son who receive a Terrys Orange in their stockings… with a real one of course, but I know which one will get eaten first! ha :0)

  4. Snap with you and Kim. I always got given a chocolate orange by my father, who would physically hand us all one, including my mother. When they split up it stopped, and my chocolate oranges have been a bit sporadic since, but all of the children got one this year, and they let me have a segment. The core fascinated me and was definitely the best bit – my children wouldn’t hand that over though!

  5. When I saw this picture, I just couldn’t resist opening the post! I adore chocolate oranges and despite buying my husband one most years, he never seems to get the hint by buying one in return! I just eat his 😉 Lovely story x

  6. Oh, this almost brought a tear to my eye. I hope you are still continuing with the tradition? It’s Peppermint Aero that reminds me of my Dad as it was my treat on a Saturday night. He passed away when I was 8 yrs old so it’s a long embedded connection. My daughter bought me some mini cheesecakes the other day and one had a chunk of peppermint Aero and 46 years later I’m still reminded of my Dad. x

    • Oh gosh Anne that’s so sad. I can’t imagine losing a parent so young. Funny the little things that bring them back to us isn’t it? Yes we still do chocolate oranges. I’m hoping it will be a forever kind of tradition in our family!


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