366 Sunday Week 2

Time for my diary of the week in photos:

"Brownie uniform"Day 1

I finally got my full Brownie uniform. I just joined recently and my 6 is Leprechauns, which Daddy says is entirely appropriate – can’t think why. I am super-enjoying it, despite not knowing anyone there!



"Tie Dyeing"Day 2

We are twinned at school with the African town of Kano, and we are learning about traditional african food, music, dancing and textiles. We used beetroot and turmeric to make dyes and then experimented with different ways of tying the fabrics. Waiting for them to dry now.

"Djembe"Day 3

An African market in our school hall! Learned some songs and got to play the djembe drums. Got cross with the Bug for singing ‘banana’ instead of ‘banaha.’ I mean, everyone knows banana isn’t an african word – he just does it to wind me up!


"Dinosaur puppet"Day 4

I had a playdate at a friend’s house. Mummy crafted! Actually crafted. We thought she was allergic to it, such is her avoidance of our preferred pastime. So the fact that she helped the Bug to make this dinosaur puppet is little short of a miracle!


"beetroot dye"Day 5

Back to the tie-dyeing experiment, and the beetroot from Mummy’s freezer (that we normally use when we fancy a beetroot chocolate cake) was boiled up to make dye, with salt to fix it in the fabric. I have been dyeing to unwrap the fabrics and see the result and today it was finally dry. This is the result on my teacher’s old t-shirt. Someone has to wear it in assembly. I’m quite keen, but the salt has made it a bit crunchy! 😕


"Snowy Owl"Day 6

Mummy forgot to take a photo today and was a bit stuck, until she unpacked our book bags and found this. Bizarrely, as well as learning about Africa – a very hot place, the Bug’s reception syllabus requires an understanding of the Arctic and Antartica. This, as you can plainly see, is the Bug’s creation of an Antarctic Snowy Owl 😀


Day 7

Mummy did take a photo, but decided that this was a better reflection of what actually happened today. One cyclist – sorted!

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14 thoughts on “366 Sunday Week 2”

  1. Love the owl picture and of cause the great video on your bike! What a lovely cycle path, it looks just like the Camel trail here in Cornwall, where is it? Thank you for linking it to Country Kids again:)

  2. A most wonderful look in to your very busy week, filled with so many fun and educational moments. Luschka stole my thoughts on the bananas, so I’ll just say instead – I really loved the tie-dyed shirt!


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