His Father’s Son

I think I’ve mentioned Daddy’s love of stock car racing. He is desperate to race himself, but Mummy won’t let him for fear of what could happen. So he contents himself with dragging us to race meetings every now and then. I take a stack of books and beg for ice-cream, sweets, chips, airhorns, anything to create a diversion and get me through the day.

The Bug takes an altogether more fanatical stance on the event, showing up with his picnic chair and settling in for the duration. Does the pink Disney princess chair bother him? Not at all – it is functional and fit for purpose. Ditto his umbrella (see-through of course, he wouldn’t want to miss the action). I predict for him a long and happy childhood of sharing his father’s hobbies. As for me, Mummy – get your purse, we’re going shopping!

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