Wot so Funee? Getting used to a new bike.

A new bike for Christmas?
You have these weird things sticking out of your back.
Yes, they’re my bumpers…
He’s skinny, my boy. The result more of running around using his young body for fun, or for football, more than a lack of interest in food. It means that the definition in his form is easy to see, from his enviable six-pack, to his shoulder blades. Lucky that he has such ‘bumpers’ then, because this week he got a new bike, a bigger bike, and it took a bit of getting used to!

I remember the thrill of my first Raleigh Twenty (yes, I am that old), leaning against the Christmas tree in the twinkly dark on December 25th the year I turned 9. It was red, and so shiny I hardly dared take it outside for fear of getting its pristine frame muddy. Of course I did, for that is how adeventures begin. And in this one ride, in the Autumn sunshine, my Bug graduated from tiny hand-me-down bike to a proper grown up boy’s bike. I wonder where his adventure will lead him..?
A new bike - the Raleigh Zero

Win a new bike for your child in time for Christmas!

This lucky boy got his new Raleigh Zero courtesy of Halfords, as part of my prize for winning the Schooldays category of the MAD Blog Awards in September. It’s his first bike with gears, and I was worried it would floor him, but there are only 6, and he quickly got the hang of them. And in the spirit of Wot so Funee?

This post is for Wot so Funee? If your children have said anything funny this week, why not write about it and add your post to the linky below so we can come and see?

13 thoughts on “Wot so Funee? Getting used to a new bike.”

  1. That is a very nice bike your son has received. Our kids have had bikes since they could walk, graduating to bigger ones each year. They have used them for enjoyment, riding to school,l and to work. When on holiday we have loaded the bike rack with 5 bikes (theirs plus ours), with the canoes on top of the van. I hope your son’s bike brings him many days of fun, like our bikes have brought us.

  2. What a lucky boy! What a great way to spend your prize. Both of my boys need new bikes, although I guess we could hand one of them down and just buy one new bike!

    • I would definitely do that Sarah, although I imagine it would never go down well with the youngest. A girl and boy means I don’t often get the luxury of hand-me-downs!

  3. Love the video! It takes me back to the first trials with cycling and indeed what freedom my bike bought me. Will our kids ever experience that?

    • Ah I fear not Monika, we are all so protective nowadays. I remember being gone for what felt like the whole day (although it was probably only an hour)!


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