Weather in Florida: Wot so Funee?

Wot So Funee?

Funee is thin on the ground at the moment, with dead serious taking its place at an alarming rate. So I went sifting through our draft posts – you know, those half written anecdotes designed to remind me of detailed scenarios and enthralling witticisms. Sadly they never quite manage the feat of recalling memory, but I did happen across this one, from our Florida holiday last year. I think it’s strangely appropriate for a Britain in the grip of floods.

And as today sees my mum in a flimsy Buzz Lightyear costume, scooting for Sport Relief, I am praying that the weather in Florida might see fit to pop in for an hour make her humiliation by fancy dress more tolerable than it would be in a miserable downpour. Seriously, if it’s raining, you might want to consider donating to Sport Relief to lighten my mother’s mood – no-one wants their children faced with a swearing, ranty Buzz Lightyear, after all…

Weather in Florida

So, to cheer you all up, and put you in the mood for Springtime, here is my brother’s solution to the Great British Weather:

I wish I could bring the sun home from Florida. I would tie it to the sky, in the car boot by string, tie it to a really strong weed so it can’t blow away…”

If only…

We are getting so serious in this house of late that we are going to have to consider inviting you all to submit posts for us to host on your behalf! I am  now firmly in the camp of ‘pre-teen’ and refuse to say anything that doesn’t at least sound intelligent. And I suspect that The Bug is wiser than we know, and keeping schtum for fear of being quoted. If you’d like to write us a #funee post we’d love to have you – just let us know in the comments and we’ll be in touch.

Wot So Funee?

Now, if you have your own post to link this week, grab the badge code from the sidebar, and click the link below to enter your post – I can’t wait to see what you have! It’s not obligatory, but if you include a link back here in your own post, I’ll return the favour with a tweet-out. If you’re new here you can check out the Wot So Funee? main page for more info.

15 thoughts on “Weather in Florida: Wot so Funee?”

  1. Hi Helen, I agree, if only we could bring the sunshine back to the UK. How fabulous would that be. I have a 2 year old so funny things are always coming out of him and his friends. I would love to write you a funee post?! I love your linky! I remember my brother becoming a pre-teen and went almost mute with his one word answers to everything. It frustrated us all. lol

  2. Good luck, Buzz! You are after all, a space ranger who travels to infinity and beyond:-) We would be delighted to write a #funee post for you. At nearly 3 years old, there is a lot to say about everything under the sun! x

  3. I really wish that we could have Florida sun in this country… just for a little while. It would be so lovely right now!
    And no funees in your house? OH NO!!! Maybe you need to do a Not So Funee spin off of thought provoking preteen musings! 😉 x

  4. It’s getting to the point where my two are a lot more serious too boo!

    I wish we could have sunshine here *dreams*


  5. Haha, very appropriate for the current state of weather! Plenty of funees here still, always keen to write them up anywhere – I too make notes then come back to them, not always remembering every detail so have to scrap some!

  6. Hi Helen! I am new here and do love this #funee posts, chatterbox never cease to fire them. Can we have some of that sunshine too, please. xx

  7. Aw bless. I’m afraid to tell you that Florida has not been very sunshiney lately. Mostly rain and really cold! But the last couple of days, it has at least been hotter, if totally muggy and overcast.

    As soon as the sun comes out, I will be sure to send it your way, though!


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