USA Travel Tips for the First Time Tourists

The USA is one of the most exciting countries to visit, and there are many reasons why. The country has an incredible diversity of landscapes that offer something for everyone, from beaches in California to snow capped mountains in Colorado. If you are a first time tourist, here are nine tips to help make your trip memorable.

The USA Is BIG, With Exciting Scenery

The US is enormous, so you might want to invest in a good map and an atlas before travelling. Be sure not to lose your way on backroads either, since many don’t have street signs or numbers. If you’re feeling brave, ask for directions from locals – they’ll take great pride in helping out newbies!

The USA features some fantastic scenery, but be mindful that it can also get quite hot during the summer months (June through September). So an umbrella will come in handy often when visiting this country’s southern states like Florida. And if there are thunderstorms forecasted, make sure to pack a raincoat.

The USA is massive and houses a variety of landscapes, from the deserts in Arizona to the snow-covered mountains in Colorado. The best way to see America’s diversity is by travelling through it.

You Might Need an ESTA

An Electronic System for Travel Authorization, or ESTA for short, is the visa waiver program that allows citizens of 38 countries to travel to the United States without a tourist visa and stay up to 90 days at a time. 

You can apply online on the ESTA America website in minutes with your passport details, or you can get one from any US consulate before you leave home. Costs vary depending on the country but are usually less than $100. So the ESTA is a small investment to make in case you need it.

There Are Many Affordable Flights

Consider your options: you might be able to save significantly on the flight cost by purchasing a connection in Mexico rather than flying direct from Canada or Europe.

Airlines often run sales on flights for many destinations; you can find these deals by searching airlines’ websites or popular deal sites such as Travelzoo and Groupon. 

It might be worth it to fly into the major international airport and make connections through other airports, rather than flying into a smaller regional hub that requires transfers.

Uber and Lyft Are Everywhere

Another great way to get around in the USA, especially when travelling in cities like New York, is with Uber or Lyft. It’s inexpensive and a quick answer for quickly getting from point A to B without spending much money. But, there are some downsides too- you never know what kind of driver might be picking you up. 

If they’re not nice, then your experience can turn sour very fast if they don’t cooperate with where you need them to go. Or sometimes traffic will close highways meaning that it’ll take longer than expected before reaching your destination. 

It Is a Melting Pot of Culture

The USA is an exciting place for tourists to visit and explore, as it has so many diverse cultures. You might be surprised at how differently people speak with one another in parts of the country; there are different accents and dialects depending on what part of the country you’re visiting. 

There are also cultural differences that make life a bit more interesting when travelling. Ergo, it’s essential to learn about these things before heading out, so you can better prepare yourself for any culture shocks or confusion along your travels. 

You Must Be 25 Years To Rent a Car

If you’re under 25 years old, then the company may not rent a car to you. You’ll be required to have someone in your party who is at least 25 and has insurance coverage on their vehicle. However, exceptions do exist depending on the company’s policy or if there is an exception in state law that supersedes this requirement. 

The rental companies will typically require all drivers of vehicles rented out to have personal auto insurance with limits of liability covering injuries up to $100,000 per person injured in any one accident as well as property damage (with some variation). 

There Is a Lot of Public Land To Camp

The USA has a lot of public lands that you can camp on. Of course, there are many National Parks, like Yellowstone and Yosemite, and plenty of campsites in the mountains and at the beach. 

Some campsite locations require reservations while others do not. So, if you have an RV with camping hookups, then the reservation isn’t essential.

Weather Varies Dramatically From State to State

The weather varies dramatically from state to state. So it’s essential not only to try and dress appropriately for the season but also for regional temperatures. For instance: if you’re visiting during the winter months or any time of year where there is a chance of precipitation, bring an umbrella with you! The same goes for blistery summer days—bring your sunscreen and sunglasses so that you can enjoy yourself without getting hurt by UV rays or having snow glare melt into your eyes while on vacation.

Food Portions Are Huge

The portions in the USA are huge, so if you are on a diet or not hungry enough to eat it all, then plan accordingly. You will find healthy food options at every restaurant, but they might take some looking for, especially outside of metropolitan areas and more rural states. 

If you want healthier versions than what is on the menu, ask your waiter about substitutions that can make dishes lighter, such as swapping pasta with spaghetti squash, grilled chicken breast instead of fried, low-fat milk instead of whole milk etc. Some restaurants even have allergen menus that accommodate gluten-free meals and other dietary restrictions when you check the box next to an item’s description (or asking) when ordering.


In conclusion, the USA is an excellent destination for first-time tourists because of its vast array of attractions and natural beauty. It can seem intimidating starting on such an immense journey, but this is one of the best countries where you face such a vast range of opportunities.

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