Things I like about you… Wot so Funee?

Last week we showed you our to-do list. One of the items read thus:

Sit in a circle and write 20 nice things about the person on your left. Then pass it on and spend time reading why you are great!

Whether driven by altruism, or by narcissism, this item was duly carried out. First by me, listing the Bug’s best qualities:

"things I like about you"

Now, normally I complain about his copying me, but clearly that is just over-dramatisation, a skill I excel at, as detailed in Mummy’s praise-singing of me:

"things I like about you"Next up was the Bug, tasked with writing something nice about Mummy:

"things I like about you"

Meanwhile, Mummy was working on the Bug’s good points, cheerfully brushing off his lack of enthusiasm for her qualities:

"nice things about you"

Luckily, he had a change of heart, just in the nick of time:

Mum is funee

That’s ok then…

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13 thoughts on “Things I like about you… Wot so Funee?”

  1. Hehe I love those lists and bugs little drawing in the corner of the page has to be the best! (I chuckled when I saw GG listed “weird” as one of the things she likes about Bug :))

  2. I love that you played this little game together. It’s so cute. And I love the things everyone listed, especially mummy being “funee”. X

  3. Ahh I love this, it’s such a sweet idea. I don’t know what Meg would say about me “shouts a lot” probably!


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